UVI Thorus Review, Next-Gen Chorus Plugin With Its Own Character

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With Thorus UVI released a chorus plugin for PC/Mac that goes its own way without looking into the past and I took a closer look at it in a detailed review

Chorus plugins are like sand by the sea. From free to commercial, there is something for every budget. Developers often try to emulate chorus effects from the past with all their might. Almost all of them sound good, but rarely can they keep up with vintage devices. UVI takes a different path with its Thorus plugin, a good decision. Not an emulation of a well-known oldie (Roland Juno 106…) but something new. Initially, it was released as an effect processor in their flagship Synthesizer plugin Falcon 2 where you can find it under the effects.

While most chorus plugins offer two or four voices, Thorus is equipped with up to eight voices that allows you to create subtle and extreme modulation with great transparency throughout the entire parameter range. UVI does not offer another simple chorus plugin here, but one with which you can shape sound in detail thanks to a large number of parameters.

UVI Thorus Review Synth Anatomy

Clean & Dead-Simple Interface

UVI did a lot right with the interface design of Thorus: pleasant to look, clear and a very intuitive layout. A long manual does not have to read for this. The built-in visualizer is a handy addition that gives you visual feedback of the effect. But it’s not only used for simple visualizations but also for parameter tweaking. For example, you can adjust the filter parameters directly in the graphic display by clicking and dragging.

One Engine, Two Modes

Thorus is not based on a vintage device but on a newly developed engine that offers two operational modes: standard for a classic chorus sound and wide gives you an expanded stereo image perfect for large sounds. The engine splits the signal in two bands that are graphically represented in the interface. The left band is made for the “un-chorused” sound and the right band for the “chorused”. With crossover control, the user can control both bands and decide in which frequency range the chorus should be active. Further, you shape the chorused signal with a lowpass filter called tone.

As already mentioned, the plugin has a variable 8-voice architecture that makes it super versatile. These can be controlled precisely with the speed and depth controls with which you can give life to the sound. From subtle to extreme changes, Thorus is capable of influencing your sound in both directions. The timbre of the chorus can be further shaped with the edge control that basically increases the feedback but also the resonance. For example, if you use high values, it produces dynamic resonances, metallic timbres up to effects with a lot of noise.

Sound Quality

Thorus sounds very clear, rich, and very detailed especially great on guitar and Synthesizer sounds. It is capable of creating well-known fatten up chorus effects, ensemble-like sounds with higher voices, or unusual ones that go beyond classic ones. It is very difficult not to make it sound good. Even 4 years after its release, oh how time flies, Thorus is still far more innovative than any other chorus plugin on the market. Above all, because it does not try to imitate something but has its own character to discover. And yes, there is a lot to play with.

Final UVI Thorus Review

With Thorus, UVI has built a flexible and versatile modulation effect that can score with its sound, features, and intuitive interface. Thanks to its new 8-voice architecture, it not only master well-known chorus effects with eases but also gives users a sound design tool in their hands that brings new modulation effects to the table. The plugin thinks outside the chorus box, I really like this. It can score with a very clear and detailed sound that makes a lot possible. Even with extreme settings, it still sounds nice and remains fully usable.


  • clean, very rich sounding character
  • very versatile (subtle, classics up to extreme effects)
  • intuitive interface
  • no manual required
  • affordable ($79)


  • no custom UI scaling
  • few presets

UVI Thorus is available now for $79 USD. Until August 4, 2020, you can buy the plugin for 49€ during the Summer Sound Design on VST Buzz.

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