HoRNet & The Buildzer Teamed Up & Released Corrosion Intermodulation Distortion Plugin!

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The developer HoRNet Plugins & The Buildzer has teamed up and released Corrosion, a plugin (PC/Mac)  that combines distortion and modulation in a unique way!

The Italian plugin developer HoRNet Plugins & The Buildzer has teamed up and worked the last months on a new release. Corrosion is the result and described as intermodulation distortion effect processor. It’s a very interesting plugin that combines distortion and modulation in a different way. It’s mission is to add character or dirty/special effects to your audio signals.

To make this possible, the plugin can modulate its input with a synthesized sound or an external audio input and this process adds many dissonant harmonics to your sounds. Corrosion features also an analog simulation that gives you standard transistor saturation. For a price of 11.99€, it’s super affordable for everyone and maybe a good way to bring character to your sounds.


The idea behind the plugin is to give you something that can create distorted, corroded sounds. Something that you can use to add grit to smooth basses or synth sounds, but it’s also fun to use on drum loops to enhance snare drums or to create “thumpy” and “noisey” kick sounds. Corrosion is based on a very simple processing that gives amazing results: take a synthesized source (white noise, sine, saw or square, wave) filter it (with low pass, band pass or high pass) and use it to modulate the input sound.

This process creates what’s called “intermodulation distortion” (the effect on which is build an FM synthesiser for example). Modulating one signal with another creates many harmonics that enrich the original sound and, if the modulator and the carrier are not in tune, create dissonant metallic distortion. We decided to let you use white noise, sine, saw, or square wave to let you have this heavy noisey, thumpy distortion that it’s so cool on synth bass.


  • Intermodulation distortion.
  • Modulator sources: noise, stereo noise, sine, saw, square wave, external input.
  • Resonant low pass, band pass and high pass filters for the modulator.
  • Analog saturation across the signal path.
  • “Track pitch” feature that automatically tunes the filter.
  • Input, output and bypass controls.
  • X, Y trackpad to allow easy filter manipulation.
  • macOS (10.7 and later) and Windows (Vista an later) support.
  • 64-bit compatibility both on Mac and Windows.
  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX format.

HoRNet Plugins Corrosion is available now for 11,99€ for Windows & Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

More information here: HoRNet Plugins

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