Puremagnetik’s New Vanisher Plugin Combines A Granular & Spatial Effect Processor

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Puremagnetik’s new release Vanisher combines a versatile but easy-to-use granular & spatial effect processor in one VST/AU plugin 

Puremagnetik has released another plugin in its Spark subscription for only $9. Vanisher is a new effect plugin that features a granular and spatial effect processor that blurs the lines between the cosmic and the worldly. It takes any sound you feed it, chops it up into microscopic particles and re-configures it in time and space.

Vanisher is capable of creating phase-induced 3D audio effects, granular blurring, glitching and much more. The engine is built into an easy-to-use interface.

Puremagnetik Vanisher

Puremagnetik Vanisher Interface

  • ghost: control the particle size (and speed) of each segment of buffered audio. Clockwise (larger particles), counterclockwise (smaller particles).
  • spectrum: control alters the frequency range of the granular effect
  • transcend works directly on the granular engine and controls particle pitch modulation.
  • vanish offsets phase and amplitude modulation amount and rate. It controls the spatial processor for 3D sound manipulation

Puremagnetik Vanisher (VST/AU) is currently available as a part of the Spark subscription for $9 USD per month or $60 USD per year. After one month it will become back-cataloged for a la carte purchase at $20 USD.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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