Hypertron Turns Your iPhone/iPad Into A Free MPC-Style Groovebox

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Hypertron is a new “free” Groovebox for iOS (iPhone/iPad) with no playtime limit with built-in sampler, mono synthesizer, and sequencer.

Roman Fischer, a new newcomer in the music app work, just released a new interesting MPC-style groovebox app for iOS (iPhone/iPad), HYPERTRON is available for free with unlimited playtime but upgradeable to Pro with more functions. The app consists of a classic sampler with slicing options, two oscillators monophonic synth & a built-in sequencer

With the Pro in-app, you can unlock sample import via the file browser, add new effects (distortion, delay, pitch, time-stretch & highpass filter) and export individual tracks. It’s a rather simple app without internal sampling options or AUv3 support. However, the app has a lot of potentials and the developer could develop it further with a lot of cool features.



  • samples can be independently altered and arranged in sequences and groups
  • alter the pitch of each step separately in real-time
  • add and adjust effects with swipe-gestures
  • effects: Lowpass, Reverb
  • record your own samples with the internal microphone
  • slice samples, adjust Fade-In-, Crossfade- and Fade-Out- regions in a breeze
  • the Hypertron comes with a simple, yet effective monophonic synthesizer:
 Two oscillators and one LFO controlling frequency and filter separately
  • innovative note-repeat slider
  • live record and export your project as .wav or mp4
  • master bus: alter the sum with a highpass filter and compressor
  • duplicate groups with drag & drop
  • virtual keyboard
  • support for external MIDI-keyboards
  • Audiobus ready
  • Ableton Link ready
  • iPhone:  (6 tracks/6 groups), iPhone X & higher (12 tracks / 12 groups) and iPad (16 tracks / 16 groups).
  • PRO effects: Highpass, Distortion, Delay, Pitch, Timestrech
  • PRO: export every individual track of your project as wav
  • PRO: import your own samples via file browser

HYPERTRON is available now as a free iOS app for iPad and iPhone with unlimited playtime and the ability to record as many samples as you want. For more features, go PRO and unlock the full potential of the HYPERTRON across all devices with a one-time-purchase inside the app for $4.99 USD.

More information here: Roman Fischer

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