apeSoft Sparkle V2 Cross Synthesis App For iOS Adds AUv3 Support

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apeSoft Sparkle v2, a major free update for the unique cross synthesis transformation app for iOS adds full AUv3 and iOS 13 support.

Version 2 of Sparkle does not bring any new sound features, but you can now use them more intensively. With AUv3 support, you can use them in several instances in your DAW or AUM. Thus the limitation falls away and you use it more flexibly than before.

Besides this, Sparkle v2 supports iOS 13 and the latest Audiobus SDK. Excellent free update in my opinion!

apeSoft Sparkle V2


Sparkle is a tool for advanced spectral hybridizations made of several algorithms that operate on the frequency domain. By means of envelope preservation and phase-sync processing, it can create high-quality sound transformations.

The basic idea is to transfer the temporal structure of a sound (source) onto another sound (target) of which the spectral properties are preserved. Simply put, you can take a voice and make it sing a Beethoven’s symphony!

New In Sparkle Version 2

  • Audiounit (AUv3) support
  • iOS 13 compatibility
  • Latest Audiobus SDK

apeSoft Sparkle V2 is available now on the App Store for $6.99 USD. V2 is a free update for existing app owners.

More information: apeSoft

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