HeadRush Looperboard Gets Firmware 2.0 Update With Major New Features & Improvements

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HeadRush updates Looperboard standalone looper to firmware 2.0 with external devices support, new DSP effects, auto-BPM dectection & more. 

Last year in April HeadRush, the guitar pedal subbrand from inMusic showed the Looperboard, a powerful standalone looper station. The release features were impressive: over 9 hours of internal recording with endless looping, record up to 4 tracks (2 stereo /4 mono), versatile high-quality effects, a good set of connections for guitarists, synthesists, vocalists,… and more.

Now there is a big firmware update 2.0 with many new features and improvements.

Headrush Looperboard

More Storage & DSP Power

The new Looperboard firmware 2.0 brings compatibility with external devices & sd cards that increases the recording time, as much storage as the drive has. This also includes playback of backing tracks so you can store different live sets onto separate drives to better manage your physical data. The DSP effect section has also been expanded. It now comes with 40 new DSP effects including a new vocal harmony, and tuning effects that let vocalists add layers of harmony and make tweaks to their voice in real-time.

Further, it comes with a slicer that chops up sounds and re-organizes them into a preset pattern (Boss SL-20 inspired). A new LFO-sync lets you work with filter sweeps based on pre-selected tempo information.

Headrush Looperboard

Auto-BPM Detection

One of the biggest additions in firmware 2.0 is Auto-BPM detection. With this, you can fit backing tracks/loops with unmatched BPMs with one another. This is part of HeadRush’s “intelligent” time-stretch, which doesn’t modify the pitch of the track. This new feature can also be routed to the onboard tap tempo footswitch. On top, users can now assign the top four start/stop switches of the Looperboard as shortcuts to any onboard feature.

Finally, the user interface has received a major facelift in firmware 2.0. The UI is redesigned and offers a new brand-new icon-based menu screen, effect section layout, and a clear cut mixer section, with handy explanations on each feature and looper mode.

HeadRush Looperboard firmware 2.0 is available now as a free download for existing users. Looperboard is available now for 750€.

More information here: HeadRush

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