Best FREE Delay Plugins For PC & Mac With 64-Bit Support

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This selection shows that the music production market is full of great free delay plugins for PC and Mac, even without cracking or pirating.

Delay plugins wherever you look. Manufacturers battle every day to bring the best unique delay plugin to the market. Often, however, they just sound too similar because they don’t really make something special. What is often forgotten here is the huge selection of free plugins on the market for PC and Mac. Yes, even those are special and can keep up with the quality of commercial products.

In this list, I will simplify your search for free delay plugins. They were split into two groups: on the one hand, plugins which are very classic, on the other, sound processing tools that use more specific techniques such as granular synthesis.

Free Delay Plugins

To give you the fastest way to have fun, there are no extra clicks, etc (no click baits…). Every delay mentioned leads directly to the manufacturer. Plus, all mentioned are 64-bit plugins and compatible with PC and Mac. Sure, there are tons of other delays available but these are often PC and 32bit only.

I hope you find something suitable here and of course, the list will be updated as often as possible. (Last Update May 9, 2020) 


Free Classic Delay Plugins

Free Experimental Delay Plugins

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