SweepDelay, Free Advanced Delay Plugin For MacOS & Windows By SaschArt

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SweepDelay by SaschArt is a new, free advanced delay plugin (VST/AU) for macOS & Windows with two built-in resonant filters. 

Delay plugins exist in various designs. From very simple delays, multi-engine to super experimental ones. They don’t have to be expensive, even free. My list of great, free delay plugin list (macOS/Windows) is growing and growing.

Today I welcome sweepDelay, another advanced delay plugin that cost nothing.


SaschArt SweepDelay

SweepDelay is an advanced delay with two resonant filters, lowpass, and highpass. On the top section, you have a wide range of delay rates, pan width, feedback, and dry/wet signal faders. Delay rate offers normal, dotted, or tripled notes. A good range of settings which gives you a lot of flexibility for interesting delays. You can also host sync the delay rate.

Then. you have two filters with identical controls including frequency, depth, and rate. Both filters are modulated in frequency, one on each channel. You can link here for modulation to pan with, feedback, dry & wet mix controls.

SweepDelay also has ping pong settings with delay play on alternate left-right. The developer also expanded the ping pong rates with different settings including normal, triplet, and dotted (period between left and right). On the top of the GUI, you have a big donate now button that can be deactivated with a minimum donation of 5€, which is fair.

SaschArt SweepDelay is available now for free for Windows & macOS in 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU.

More information here: SaschArt 

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