Ohmforce plugins are now legacy and FREE of charge

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Ohmforce has discontinued its popular synth and FX plugins, and they are now available as a free download for macOS and Windows.

Plugins often don’t stay with us forever. In the long run, many plugins require much support to remain compatible with newer systems. This is a cost and time-intensive investment for many small developer companies. And asking for money for support is often not well received by the community.

Some developers have also made it easier in recent times and given away their old plugins. See Audio Damage or ToneBoosters. This as not updated legacy versions without future support. Not great for new systems, but on older they remain powerful tools you get for free. Now this welcome model also follows Ohmforce, a developer we haven’t heard from for a long long time.

Ohmforce Free

OhmForce Plugins Free Download

The news came as a big surprise today. The French developer Ohmforce has converted all of its old popular plugins to legacy plugins and offers them as free downloads.

This does not include Ohmboyz Infinity and Frohmager, two plugins that are currently being developed. However, you get all other synth and FX plugins for FREE. As a gift on top, Ohmforce has also updated all plugins so that they work on recent macOS and Windows systems, including Apple Silicon systems.

Ohmforce free plugins

And to download them you only need an account with Ohmforce. This is done in less than a minute. Then you have to click on “Get” for each plugin and you will see the corresponding license. This includes the following eight plugins:

  • Ohmicide: a crazy-sounding distortion plugin with more than 80 distortion models, multi-frequency band processing, and more
  • Quad Fromage:  a filter bank plugin on steroids.
  • Hematohm: a creative frequency shifter with advanced features
  • Mobilohm: a unique phaser plugin with three modes, morphing, and more.
  • Symptohm: an experimental synth using a syncgrain synth engine that can be compared to a granular synth/sampler engine. Its engine is made of 2 SyncGrain Oscillators (SGOs), mixed with a ring-modulatable sub oscillator and a noise generator. Each SGO uses a single looping audio sample as a waveform source, and can be stretched, pitch-shifted, and even played backwards. It also has a Quad Fromage built in for crazy filtering action.
  • Ohmygod: a wild plugin consisting of comb filtering and distortion that can be an instrument and an FX.
  • Predatohm: a multi-band distortion plugin
  • OhmBoyz: a sophisticated delay plugin with four pre-delays, 2 nicely geared delay lines, two complete resonant filters, distortion, and an high-shelf.

First Impression

An awesome deal by the developer. Thank you for the free plugins. But I hope that this is not the last chapter of Ohmforce and that we will see new plugins soon. Edit: it looks like Ohmicide doesn’t run on Ventura with M2 but I will investigate more into it.

Ohmforce Legacy plugins are available now as a free download. They run as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + macOS (Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Dev site

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  1. Maybe it’s because the dev ran out of puns in “ohm”? Although, rhyming it with «-omme», «-ôme», and «-um» means that there are plenty of words to use. Almost Astérix-level punning.

  2. ohmicide: my all time favorite… schade. hätte mir das als iOS plugin gewünscht. aber das wird dann wohl nix mehr.

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