Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2, popular sequenced multi-FX plugin gets a makeover

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Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 is the successor of its popular sequenced multi-effects processor plugin with a deeper mod engine, new UI, and more.

There are classics not only in the Synthesizer world but also in the hundreds of plugins. In the synth area, this certainly includes Native Instruments Massive, LennarDigital Sylenth1, and others. In the effects area, there is Effectrix from Sugar Bytes, a sequenced multi-FX processor.

This has inspired musicians for over ten years. Now, the plugin gets a continuation in Effectrix 2 with a deeper engine, and more.

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2

Effectrix 2 continues the concept of the original. You take effects, modulation, and a flexible DAW syncable sequencer that animates the parameters of the effects. This results in crazy, animated effects that cause subtle but also extreme changes.

This concept inspires many musicians. Simply because it’s great fun, always brings new sounds and can take tracks in new directions with just a few clicks. Effektrix is like an effect tornado raging across your tracks

Effectrix 2 closely follows the original plugin and continues with a new effect chain and new features. The effects are also the most important thing in Effectrix 2. They are fully customizable in the order and 14 in number, but you get a slightly different selection.

14 Effects

It starts with two loopers (A, B), with which you can loop certain areas. Looper A has various loop modes with dedicated parameters (pitch and size of the loop…), while Looper B has a more straightforward design. It offers the option to customize the playback speed of the start and end of each loop.

Then, you get grain that introduces granular-style effects based on time-stretching and pitch-shifting processing. Next to this, you have a ring modulator, vinyl FX with tape start/stop, and a spectrum spectral-style spectrum FX based on 32 delays. Tonalizer is another delay-based effect, but this allows you to pitch notes in intriguing musical ways. 

Crush gives you the finest digital bit reduction, the filter effect is excellent for filtering and sweeps, the phaser adds movement to your sounds, modulation adds chorus and flanger, and you get delay and reverb. Lastly, you have the level part which can be used for trance gates, compressions, or stereo enhanced effects.

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2

Sequence & Animate It

In addition to the high-quality effects, the second heart remains the sequencer. This still has 32 steps but is packed with modulation fun. Each step can be a modulator, and useable on one step or over several. 

These range from classic LFO shapes (sine, square…), stepped modulation, random mod, or the unique from to. It will start the modulation with the parameter value and transit to the target value. There is also an envelope follower that directly relates to the power of your audio signal. With it, you can create very smooth, and track-matching effects. A drawing function, like from the Cableguys plugins, is still missing. That would have been exciting to see in Effectrix 2.

Mixing Options and Randomizing

In order to achieve the perfect mix between the original source and effects, there are different mixing modes in Effectrix 2. Plus, it hosts intelligent randomization options that transform your original source in seconds into something fascinating new.

This random process includes randomization over the whole pattern, a single effect track, or the setup of the defect parameters. You can work with three intensity levels of randomization, so the random results can be subtle or totally crazy.

And like in the original plugin, Effectrix 2 can also store up different sequencer setups (up to 12) within a single preset. Plus you can trigger these via MIDI or host automation.  This function is a lot of fun because you can turn it into real-time sounds with the press of a key. Perfect for live performances.

Sugar Bytes ships the plugin with over 400 new presets giving you a good overview of what the plugin is capable of.

First Impression

This update/new version of Effectrix came as a very surprise. I’m very pleased to see that the popular Effectrix has got a successor. It looks like a solid update to me. In some places, I’m still unsure what’s new in Effectrix 2. Sugar Bytes doesn’t communicate precisely what’s they have added or improved. 

Sugar Bytes Effectrix 2 is available now for 129€ and runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows. Existing Effektrix users can upgrade for 79€. 

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