Daniel Gergely Spirals, new free dual delay plugin with pitch-shifting

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Spirals is a new free dual delay with pitch-shifting from Daniel Gergely, the developer of the free creative granular plugin Emergence.

Let’s stay with creative delays. A Synth Anatomy reader drew my attention to another new delay release in the comments of my Interstice article, Inear Display’s latest plugin. Thanks a lot for this info.

The plugin comes from Daniel Gergely, the maker of the amazing free granular processor Emergence. It’s called Spirals and is a new inspiring dual delay with an interesting feature set. Free plugin or not, it depends on your openness in supporting the developer.

Daniel Gergely Spirals

Daniel Gergely Spirals

Attention Spirals is currently in the beta phase, and it’s possible that the developer will add or remove features before the official release of the plugin.

Spirals is a dual delay plugin with two independent stereo delay lines. After setting the global pre-delay, each line can be manipulated with classic controls like size and feedback. Everything you expect from a classic stereo delay, but you can also delve deeper.

The plugin also hosts a pitch shifter in each delay line with which you can pitch-shift the delay +/- 24 semitones and detune it (+/- 100 cents). Then, it also allows you to create cross feedbacks between the two delays, opening up the space for wilder sounds. Plus, each stereo delay line can be reversed.

Furthermore, you can shape the signal with a filter. You can dampen it or add additional harmonics thanks to the available resonance. There is also a global drive to add juice to your timbres. And, of course, you can dial in the perfect amount with independent dry and wet controls.

Another very creative plugin from Daniel Gergely. I’ve had a lot of fun with the Emergence granular plugin, as it is very inspiring, especially because of its quick and straightforward workflow. I’m sure this is no less inspiring.

Spirals by Daniel Gergely is available now as a beta version. You can name your own price to support the developer or download it for free. It runs as a 64-bit VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Daniel Gergely

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