SoundForce Intros Juno Inspired Dual ADSR Envelope Generator With Full CV Control

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Soundforce Dual ADSR module is based on the Juno 106 envelopes but thanks to modern technologies expanded with many advanced functions

Soundforce is best known for its boutique MIDI controller series for software synthesizers. In addition to this, the company also makes nice Eurorack modules. Today they have expanded this section with a new module. Dual ADSR is, as the name suggests, a dual envelope generator for Eurorack in 20HP with a wide range of interesting features. This is not analog but a digital module that is powered by a 120Mhz ARM Cortex-M microcontroller including a DAC.

Soundforce Dual ADSR

Soundforce loves the Roland Juno 106 Synthesizer. He already shows this in his first oscillator and now also in the dual ADSR module. It offers two identical envelope sections, each with the possibility to switch the time range (S, M, L) and to choose between linear and exponential response. If you choose the time range M in combination with the EXP response, you get the ADSR curve of the Juno 106. However, the attack phase is here linear to model the Juno ADSR faithfully.

Each section of the Dual ADSR module has 4 sliders to control each stage of the envelope. You can also modulate each slider (A-D-S-R) of the envelope shape individually with CV. With this, you can achieve more varied and complex shapes. Further, there is a cycle mode on every envelope with which you can create pseudo LFOs (no gate signal) or interesting cycling envelopes. A digital “end of” output can trigger at the end of a chosen ADSR stage, either end of attackend of decay or end of release, according to the position of the respective toggle switch.

Soundforce Dual ADSR is available now for 199€ (incl. VAT for EU customers) on the Soundforce webshop. The module is available soon worldwide.

More information here: Soundforce

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