IO Instruments, New Berlin-Based Synth Company Launched 9 Affordable But Advanced Eurorack Modules

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A new German Eurorack company is born: IO Instruments. For the Superbooth 2019, the developers show 9 new Eurorack modules. One thing stands out: the modules are all very affordable (most of them under 200€) and offers tons of features.

The Superbooth announcement includes an analog VCO, a VCF, dual VCA, ring modulator, versatile quad noise generator, audio & mixer, big FPGA-based digital oscillator, a quad function generator, and a pre-amp. Nice is, all modules have small subtleties, which are often not found in such inexpensive modules. Check out below for the full feature list.

IO Instruments


  • High precision VCO with a wide frequency range
  • clean waves without edge aberrations
  • PW from 0% – 100% with fast edges for rich sound
  • low distortion SINE wave
  • SUB OSC with rich sound and phase inversion
  • reset/sync function with external gate
  • buffered V/OCT & Gate thru
  • simultaneous linear & exponential FM
  • LFO mode


  • 2 channel very low distortion VCA
  • low noise, low feedthrough, low clicking
  • sweet and detailed sound
  • huge headroom
  • wide dynamic range and high bandwidth
  • normalized CV ins to the normal value
  • exponential and linear responses
  • 3 attenuators for each channel
  • LEDs show the optimal range
  • VCA openness adjusting
  • flexible structure to work with Audio & CV


  • 2x 6 ch high-end audio & cv mixer
  • superb sweet sounding audio quality
  • low distortion, low noise, low feedthrough
  • DC coupled for use as attentuators.
  • flexible routing for mono, stereo, 6- or 12 channels
  • overload indicator for output
  • B- ch IN normalized to A -ch IN
  • individual OUTs for channel 1-4
  • volume sliders with gain of 2

IO Instruments


  • balanced ring modulator
  • low distortion, low noise, high headroom
  • low X & Y feedthrough
  • structure allows access to every input
  • wide range of sounds (tremolo, metallic, waveshape)
  • AC coupled X input attenuator
  • DC coupled X input attenuator
  • DC OFFSET for DC, coupled X IN and Y IN
  • Mute CV & switch for DC INs with LED indicator
  • positive out and negative out


  • 4 pole multimode VCF with separation
  • superb sweet sound from clean to screamy
  • all poles are resonating and can be modulated
  • linear FM & resonance with CV in/attenuator
  • makeup gain for powerful RESO sounds
  • non-linear resonance for extra sound spectrum
  • sinus distortion after the filter
  • resonance separation for format sounds
  • many CV ins include attenuators


  • quad noise generator
  • analog noise from red, white to blue noise
  • digital noise with rate and S&H out
  • 16 transient and 16 drone samples
  • samples with ratched, tune and bit rate
  • 6 voice square wave mix with a tune and spread
  • filter for square mix out
  • six CV ins and two Gate ins
  • external in to feed to a noise filter

IO Instruments


  • 6 voice FPGA high-resolution DCO’s
  • 3 pairs of DCO’s controlled by CV & MIDI
  • unison, 3 and 6 voice mode
  • internal & external sync, 3 ring mods
  • sine/tri/saw/ramp/pulse waves
  • FREQ range from 0,1 Hz to 10Khz
  • mixer with AR-env in MIDI mode
  • modulation via 3 CV ins & DCO 4/5/6
  • multiple MOD sources to one target
  • TFG display & endless potentiometer
  • easy user interface for studio & live


  • Quad function generators for ENVs & LFOs
  • ENV modes like legato, staccato, loop, and ratched
  • multiple response envelopes
  • LFO modes like freerun, reset, one shot and wave stepping
  • high resolution and audio rate quality
  • 2 CV ins for external MOD of internal parameters
  • internal MOD of internal parameter
  • both polarity available at the outs
  • TFT display & endless potentiometer
  • an easy user interface for studio & live


  • high-end preamp
  • mic and hi-z input mix
  • up to 80dB mic gain
  • low distortion and noise
  • high CMRR, sweet sound
  • variable hi and lo pass
  • pad switch -20dB
  • polarity switch
  • phantom power
  • all switching is with relays
  • kombi jack in
  • XLR, 6,3 & 3,5 mm outs
  • indicators

The availability of the new IO Instruments modules TBA


  • THEMISTO: 149€
  • SINOPE: 159€
  • SPONDE: 169€
  • PASIPHAE: 129€
  • ISONOE: 179€
  • HIMALIA: 159€
  • DIA: 269€

More information here: IO Instruments

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