Meet Antonus 2600 & Step Brother, Two ARP Clones From Spain

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With the Antonus 2600 and Step Brother, the Spanish manufacturer Antonus Synths is showing clones of the ARP 2600 and 161 sequencer

With the Behringer 2600 and Korg ARP 2600, two new ARP 2600 clones were officially presented this year. One in the cheap range but different designed and one limited and very expensive. Antonus 2600 is also a clone that is relatively unknown. Interesting to know is that the name Antonus is linked to the ARP name. More precisely, the name under which Alan Pearlman previously offered synthesizers was Tonus. Thanks, moogulator for this additional info.

The Antonus 2600 is a faithful reproduction of the iconic ARP 2600 with no major new features other than the almost mandatory MIDI connectivity. However, the developers have opted for a more compact format without losing any of the feeling and comfort of the original design. It is not much smaller but a little bit. Also to know is that the Atonus 2600 also comes without a keyboard.

Antonus 2600

Antonus Step Brother

No keyboard but a new hardware sequencer was designed that is based on the design of the ARP Sequencer 161 but expanded with new features. The developers have added a clock divider, an ADSR, a VCO/LFO and 2 VCAs, and of course, MIDI connection. It’s designed with classic 2600 rules and is fully oriented for live performances and for immediate improvisation. Very classic sequencer but nicely expanded


With SidecARP, the manufacturer also offers a Eurorack expansion for the legendary ARP 2600. It’s a case that can be attached on top of the synth and has space for 148HP of Eurorack modules. This allows you to expand massively the possibilities of this vintage synth. SidecARP includes a power supply and distribution system.

Antonus 2600 is available now for 2640€ (excl. VAT), Step Brother for 1180€ (excl. VAT), and SidecARP for 520€ (excl. VAT). The devices are all handmade in Spain. If you don’t want a Korg or Behringer, this or TTSH 4 could be a good alternative

More information here: Antonus Synths 

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