TTSH v4 Announced, ARP 2600 Synthesizer Clone As DIY Kit & Full Assembled Version Ready For Pre-Order

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Good news for anyone looking for an analog ARP 2600 replica. The TTSH comes back to the market. Responsible for this are Synthcube and Human Comparator, which will soon make the TTSH v4 available. Version 4 will not have any big feature updates but includes many bug fixes that have been known for some time.

Another good news: TTSH v4 will not only be available as a full DIY kit but also as a completely assembled version for all who have no time for DIY. In total, great to see back the TTSH because it’s still an amazing analog clone/replica of the ARP 2600.



We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of TTSH v4! In collaboration with Human Comparator, we have taken the TTSH v3, modified and updated it, and are making it available again Spring/Summer 2019!

TTSH v4 Includes The Following Updates From V3

  • Corrected the Pin out for the 2N3954/8
  • Corrected the missing trace on the filtercard 4072
  • Corrected the bc558 wring pinout on 4012 VCF Card
  • Corrected the ‘via’ filling that created issues with jacks
  • Add mainboard VCF header missing -15V power
  • Add mounting hole for Gatebooster PCB standoff
  • Removed dimming autostart on LED
  • PCB set includes Gatebooster and VCO Synch sub-PCBs; full kits include necessary parts for those sub-PCBs

Estimated Timing: Prototyping will run from now until approximately July 15, 2019. We will be building up a few v4 examples to test the case / panel fit, PCB functionality, confirm the BOM et al.

Synthcube will be offering the TTSH v4 in five configurations:

  • Assembled & tested: includes 1-year warranty (preliminary pricing US$3499)
  • Full Kit Including Case: PCB Set, Panel, Full Parts Kit, Metal Case- everything you need to build a TTSH (preliminary pricing US$1499)
  • Full Kit Less Case: PCB Set, Panel, Full Parts Kit, No Case—make your own enclosure! (preliminary pricing US$1299)
  • PCB Set + Panel + Case: source your own parts! (preliminary pricing US$699)
  • PCB Set + Panel: Source your own parts and make your own enclosure! (preliminary pricing US$499)

We will also be making the entire BOM available via an ala-carte parts order form— order only those specific parts you need to complete your build.

TTSH V4 is available now for pre-order on the Synthcube website. Pre-order deposit amount is $199 USD.

More information here: Synthcube

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