Behringer Shares The Final Design Of The UB-Xa Synthesizer

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Behringer officially announces that the design of the UB-Xa Synthesizer is now final but the firmware will take a little longer

In addition to a new teaser for a new synth, Behringer has also released for Superbooth 20 Home Edition an update for the long-awaited UB-Xa Synthesizer  Superbooth 20 Home Edition. According to the official FB page, the new photos show how the UB-Xa will look like. In engineering, these units are called “Tool Made Sample”. Behringers says: “in short, this is how the unit will look like”.

The layout is finished and you can see that the synth offers a 5-octave keyboard like the original Oberheim OB-Xa. A small screen on the right has been added that may show the patches.

Behringer UB-Xa

According to Behringer, the hardware is ready, but the firmware is fully in development. So you have to wait for the UB-Xa but hopefully not too long.

Official Statement

We’re proud to show you another big milestone in the development of the UB-Xa since we have just assembled what we call the “Tool Made Sample”.
The TMS milestone means that the design and all mechanical parts are all tooled and final – in short this is how the unit will look like. As you will notice, lots of changes and improvements have been made since the first prototype – many of which have come from you. Thank you for all your valuable input.

Behringer UB-Xa

However, we’re still quite some time away from delivering the synthesizer as the firmware development is still ongoing. The UB-Xa is a very complex unit and frankly much has slowed down due to the current situation. Thank you for all your patience – we promise that it’ll be worth the wait, Be safe! Uli

More information here: Behringer

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  1. Tired of waiting I’ve decided that b-ear-ringer has dropped the ball for the last time for my tastes.My old Kurzweil K2k can do the job of a real OBXA not to mention the knock off clone of it that who knows? will ever see the light of day folks

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