Befaco Debuts CV Thing, CV To MIDI Controller & Percall Is Ready To Ship

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Befaco has presented for Superbooth 2020 Home Edition the CV Thing, a stripped-down version of their VCMC CV to MIDI controller, and an update for Percall.

CV Thing is based on the same CV to MIDI concept as the VCMC module but smaller and cheaper. It’s mainly designed to connect your modular system to your external instruments or software. Unlike with a MIDI to CV interface, the modular system becomes the heart of the connection and not your DAW.

To be able to offer this aspect in a smaller module, Befaco has dropped the faders and buttons and just gives you 8 CV inputs, a big knob, and a little screen. MIDI is output via the TRS socket and USB for direct connection to a computer or iOS device.

Befaco CV Thing

The module can handle up to 8 CV signals and each signal can be assigned to a MIDI message, controller number, note, or event. For example, you can send note on/off, clock… etc. out of the module to software or external hardware.  A very interesting module in my opinion because it presents musicians with a new challenge. Everyone knows MIDI to CV, but CV to MIDI is a new territory for many. It’s for sure a very flexible and creative technology you should not forget.

Percall Update

In addition to the new CV Thing, Befaco has also announced that the Percall module is finally finished. This was presented at the Superbooth last year and is a 4-channel VCA with additional decay envelopes that turn sounds into percussive sounds. Very cool feature is here that the envelope also has its own output that can be routed to the pitch of the oscillator for big kick sounds. Percall also includes a Choke function between the VCA1 & VCA 2 and VCA 3 & VCA4 that gives you the option to create some decent open/closed hi-hat type sounds. A great module especially for drum orient modular systems.

First Look At CV Thing & Percall

Befaco CV Thing will be available assembled for 240€ and as a kit for 150€. Release TBA. Percall is available assembled for 230€ and as a kit for 140€ in May.

More information here: Befaco 

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