Krischer M8, New Analog 8 Oscillator Drone Synthesizer Made For Minimalists

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Krischer shows us with its new analog drone instrument M8 clearly his love for oscillators and how minimal a synthesizer can look.

The French developer is known for its very minimal designs. The same for this one. Why the developer describes it as a polyphonic synth is not clear to me. In the Krischer M8, you can find 8 oscillators that are based on eight Synclope models with was a single VCO version of it. Each oscillator only generates a sawtooth waveform that can be tuned via a potentiometer.

The selected oscillators are sent directly to the output. There is no filter, no envelopes, or effects here. Only the raw sound of analog oscillators but also reduced to a minimum. Oscillators can be switched on or off individually with illuminated buttons.

Krischer M8 Analog Poly Synth

Unlike the previous versions, the Krischer M8 doesn’ offer any CV inputs for the oscillators. Since the devices are manufactured entirely by hand, the developer can add CV inputs if you wish. For this, please contact Krischer before your purchase.

Use Case

Since the Krischer M8 only consists of 8 simple oscillators, its area of application is also very limited. You can use nicely for drones, textures, noise, or interesting harmonic structures.  To get the most out of the device you have to combine it with other devices such as analog or digital filters, effect devices and more.

Krischer M8 is available now for 145€ + shipping from

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