Analogue Solutions Unveiled Colossus, Pure Analog Mega-Synth With 12 VCOs

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Analogue Solutions Colossus is a new mega synth and the true dream of all analog synthesizer friends packed in an EMS-100 inspired design

A studio that still has plenty of room and enough money to spend? Then I have something for you. Analogue Solutions, the UK-based synth manufactory has today announced Colossus, a new monster analogue synth that is more than a powerful analogue workstation. The developers described it as art, architecture and exquisite studio furniture. That certainly fits this instrument.

Colossus design seems familiar. No wonder, it heavy inspired by the 1970’s EMS Synth 100. But stop, it is not a clone or replica but a completely new development of an analogue synthesizer. They have chosen some of their favourite circuits from their own large back catalogue (Polymath, Telemark…)

Analogue Solutions Colossus

Monster Analog Engine

If you talk about Colossus, it has to be in there too and Analog Solutions did just that. It features 12x analog VCOs than can be used also as LFO’s, 8 analog filters (VCF), 8 envelopes (4 ASR & 4 ADSR), up to 16 LFOs, utility functions like S&H or random voltage generator, 2 ring modulators…, that’s not all.

To get a real fat sound, it offers also two analog mechanical spring reverbs, each one feature a triple spring tank. For the rhythmic part, it includes also two analog V/gate sequencers with 32 steps with clock generator, glide, jump, reset, CV, gate. Both are controlled with the help of two touch keyboards.  Everything stays analog, no digital technology, so no MIDI or USB. Both

Pin Matrix Panels

Since this is not a modular synthesizer with cables, but an instrument that is strongly inspired by the EMS 100, it also has two broadcast-quality CV and audio pin matrix panels. Routings can be made here as with the EMS synthesizer. Two joystick controllers are also on board.

Analogue Solutions Colossus

Analogue Solutions Colossus is really a massive synthesizer. Why do you develop such synthesizers? I guess: “because they can” was the attitude of the developers and I say: why not.

Certainly not a synthesizer for everyone but for studios or collectors. Has Hans Zimmer or Junkie XL ordered already? Here are all features of this mega synth at a glance. But be careful, there are many.


  • 12x analogue VCO (/LFO)s with 4 waveforms
  • pulse width, sync, sub-osc
  • ability to go down to low frequencies. Precision control using high-quality multi-turn vernier dials.
  • sample & hold generator
  • random voltage generator
  • 2x white/pink noise generators
  • multiple
  • analogue CRT oscilloscope
  • 2x LFOs in addition to the VCOs
  • 4x VCA in addition to the VCF VCAs
  • 4x ASR envelopes
  • multiple
  • VCOs can be used as LFOs. So Colossus has, in fact, a potential total of 16 LFOs!
  • each of the 8 VCFs have VCAs hard-wired inline, so these plus the individual VCAs means there are in fact a total of 12 VCAs!
  • 4x multimode filters (low, band and high pass 12dB filters, each with serial VCAs
  • 4x lowpass filters – 24dB transistor ladder filters, each with serial VCAs
  • 8x VCF/VCA combinations in total)
  • 2x analogue mechanical spring reverbs, each one feature a triple spring tank
  • 2x ring modulators
  • 2x voltage slew generators
  • 4x ADSR with repeat and hold-repeat feature
  • 4x large signal level meters with backlit
  • 64 step / 2x 32 step analogue V/gate sequencer with clock generator, glide, jump, reset, CV, gate
  • 6 channel stereo audio mixer with level, pan and mute
  • 2x joystick controllers
  • 2x touch keyboards with digital note sequencers
  • 2 broadcast quality CV and audio pin matrix panels
  • 4 minijack patch panels, providing I/O from all circuits

The Colossus you see here is the pre-production test unit and is currently 95% finished. You can see Colossus at SyntFest (UK) October the 5th, as well as other Analogue Solutions products like Impulse Command.

Analogue Solutions Colossus will cost £20,000. Availability TBA

More information here: Analogue Solutions 

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