Gotharman SpazeDrum, 4-Voice Analog Drum Synthesizer Packed With Filters & Effects

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Gotharman SpazeDrum is a 4-voice analog drum Synthesizer & 16-part rhythm machine paired with digital synthesis, filters & effects.

Gotharman expands its portfolio with another product. At first glance, it looks like a Little deFormer 3 in blue, but it’s not. SpazeDrum ist an analog drum Synthesizer with 4 analog voices, that each has 4 parts, 16 in total. With 4 parts of each analog voice, it is possible to program 4 same or different sounds, that will cut each other off, when playing them back.

Each section is equipped with analog and digital sound technologies with which you can make versatile sounds.

Gotharmans Spazedrum

SpazeDrum Engine

Each drum oscillator in each part can be set up to one of four settings: analog percussion, analog cymbal, analog clap or Synthesizer. The analog sections use dual analog oscillators paired with a digital oscillator. Analog percussion offers several modes like waveform, resonator, percussion/cymbal/clap generator, and sampler. The analog section can be FM’ed by a percussion noise source and by the digital oscillator. Can produce kicks, snares, analog hihats, toms, claps, noise and much more…

The analog cymbal differs in the FM: it uses a multiple square wave source and a digital oscillator. The result are metallic sounds like cymbals and hi-hats, noises and much more… Analog clap relies on the same analog/digital structure and can be modulated by a clap oscillator, to produce the classical clap sound, and it can be FM’ed by a noise source and by the digital oscillator. It can produce hand claps, noises and more…

The Synthesizer part is completely different: here you can find 2 digital oscillators with various modes (resonator, sampler, waveform…) that are routed into 2 analog lowpass filters.  Most analog filter parameters can also be modulated. Can produce a wide variety of synthesizer sounds, including drum sounds.

Filters, Effects & More

After the oscillator section, it has 2 digital multimode filters, to shape the sound further, that is coupled in parallel to each other. Each analog voice has 2 insert effect processors – 8 in total. Available are chorus, distortion, bit crush, a selection of pitch shifters, time stretch, delays, parametric EQ, filters, compressor, expandor, bass enhancer, variator and sample pitch. Each insert effect can be placed before or after the VCA. Up to 3 parameters can be modulated at a time, for each insert effect.

After or before the insert effects, it features a VCA that can be modulated by its own ADSR envelope. From the VCA, the sound can be sent to the audio outputs, or to one or both of the 2 output effects. The last stage of the audio chain is 2 output effect processors. Each part can be sent to one or both of these. The possible effects here are reverb, delays, granulators, sample pitch, time stretch, abstruct0, variator.


Gotharman SpazeDrum includes a 16 track note sequencer, one track for each part. Each track can be up to 64 steps long, and the resolution can be set between 1/64 and 1/1 with triplets included. It offers differed real-time recording modes and 4 parameters can be recorded as automation. Most parameters can be modulated by modulation sources like 16 global multi waveform LFO’s, 3 envelopes per part, 4 random generators per part, 4 knobs and knob tracks per part and MIDI velocity and CC’s.

At first glance, this inconspicuous blue box hides a super versatile analog / hybrid drum synthesizer. Pretty impressive what Gotharmans has built here.

Gotharman SpazeDrum is expected to ship in June and can be preordered for €1260.

More information here: Gotharman

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