Data Synth Is Digital, Lo-Fi & Perfect For Your Next Noise Soundscapes

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Error Instruments’ latest release is called Data Synth and is a very unusual digital Synthesizer with a lo-fi noisy sound character. 

Paul from Error Instruments has again presented a very special instrument today.  Data Synth is a digital Synthesizer that is inspired by game sound and noises.

It also some circuit bending influences according to the developer. The idea behind this synth is the manipulation of chaos and disorder with the help of built-in algorithms.

Error Instruments Data Synth


On the Data Synth interface, you can choose different sounds and algorithms and manipulate them with an additional knob on the left side. Further, you can change the chaos & disorder glitch modes as well as the pitch. The latter allows you also the adjust the speed.

How Does It Sound?

The developer promises noisy, crunchy and lo-fi digital sounds. Listening to the demos, this can be clearly confirmed. Data Synth is especially interesting for musicians who like to create crazy noise soundscapes.

The synth works on mini USB .5v and can be used as a standalone tabletop or a game console-style synth. Don’t forget to check out the other crazy and unique instrument on Error Instruments. A synth paradise for experimental musicians.

Error Instruments Data Synth is available now for an intro price of 89€ (regular priced 119€).

More information here: Error Instruments

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