Audiophile Circuits League Announced ACL System 1 Eurorack Synthesizer

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In the hardware Synthesizer domain, one distinguishes between mass-production instruments (Behringer, KORG, Roland… and boutique products. The boutique are mostly small manufacturers who bring small quantities with a higher quality to the market. One of these small but fine manufacturers is Audiophile Circuits League from Berlin. They develop high-end Eurorack modules with the main focus using only high-quality components.

This week, the company announced the ACL System 1, a new complete Eurorack Synthesizer that features 10 modules and a 84 TE case. One of the highlights of this new upcoming release is the onboard audio interface module that allows you send out in stereo. Personally, I really like the design of it because it looks very different than many of the available modules from other manufacturers

  • 2x Variable Sync VCO: a precise, excellent sounding VCO, providing five simultaneous waveforms, a VC variable-sync feature, deep linear FM, and more.
  • 1x Dual State Variable VCF offers two lush multimode filters, with flexible configurations ideal for everything from kick-generation to formant shaping.
  • 1x Gate Mix is high quality four audio signal mixer with CV/Gate muting, ideal for stacking up super patches, cascading other mixers, and much more.
  • 1x VC Panning Amplifier: an innovative module for dynamically positioning audio in the stereo field, with exceptional sound and flexibility. It also operates as two mono VCAs.
  • 1x Oktave is a precision tool for transposing, tuning, fine-tuning, and even combining, CV, allowing control of up to four VCOs simultaneously.
  • 1x Envelope X3 gives three versatile ADSR envelopes, based on the acclaimed Roland 100M, but vastly enhanced to deliver peerless punch and consistency.
  • 1x VC Dual Delay is a specialised unit, designed for hours of sound mangling fun, from pitch modulation effects to ethereal outer-galactic spaces.
  • 1x M/S-Matrix splits stereo audio into MID and SIDE and vice versa, allowing a vast range of great processes, whether used alone or with other modules.
  • 1x Audio Interface: a hugely powerful flexible module, with pro-quality audio and built-in headphone amp, bridging the gaps between modular, studio, and stage equipment.

The ACL System 1 system comes with a 2x 84 TE Case that includes a KAZU power supply.

The ACL System 1 will be available in 2018 for a price of 3600€ + VAT.

More information here: Audiophile Circuits League


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