Superbooth 24: DPW Design P1 Pedal I/O module integrates pedals into modular

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Superbooth 24: DPW Design P1 Pedal I/O is a new module that makes integrating effects pedals and line gear into Eurorack modular easy.

Working modular/Eurorack comes with its unique workflow. A powerful feature of modular synths is the ability to create signal paths from scratch. Including how the signals flow, where they go in and out, … You have a lot of freedom. This makes every modular patch special and encourages experimentation.

Thanks to their modularity, Eurorack synths can be expanded as desired, not only with new oscillators and filters but also with more advanced routing options. For example, IO interface modules allow you to merge your modular with other gear. DPW Design from Sweden has released such a module for Superbooth 24 that makes interfacing easy. 

DPW Design P1 Pedal I/O

DPW Design P1 Pedal I/O

The P1 Pedal I/O module is a 4HP dual-channel interface module for Eurorack. It is suitable for guitar/bass signals and line level but also acts as a bridge for guitar pedals.

Each channel offers four sockets: the pedal in/out and Eurorack in/out, which can work independently as dual mono or together as a stereo interface.

The pedal input is a high-Z. So you can also connect a guitar or bass to the DPW Design P1 Pedal I/O. It will not suck the life out of the tone of your instrument as low impedance inputs can do, says Dan Wahlbeck the developer. 

In both directions, the P1 Pedal I/O can handle more than 100kHz bandwidth, giving you a very clean interface with in- and out-impedance that works well with pedals. For the Eurorack to pedal, you get an attenuation of -18dB, while the pedal to Eurorack offers level amplification of 18 dB.

The module has soft-controlled symmetrical clipping in both directions, so if you drive the inputs hard, they will not sound harsh. You can also use this as a creative effect. Furhter, the P1 is also AC-coupled to isolate your Eurorack from whatever you connect on the pedal side.

Finally, the Eurorack output stage features a brick wall limit at +/-10V, keeping even the hottest signals within Eurorack standard. Also, this can be used for creative effects like saturations when hitting hard against the limiter.

First Impression

The new module from Dan Wahlbeck looks exciting and it’s affordable. It’s a neat solution to easily integrate external gear, such as pedals, in your Eurorack modular. I’ve been using Befaco in-and-out modules for a long time and love sending external gear through Eurorack.

In my opinion, it’s a must for every modular user to an I/O module. Great that there is now another option on the market that even includes analog colorisation if necessary.

DPW Design Pedal P1 I/O will be available soon for $129 worldwide. 

More information here: DPW Design

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