Empress Effects Zoia Euroburo First Look & New Update Brings A Sampler

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At Superbooth 20 HE, Empress Effects shows us the Euroburo, a Eurorack version of their powerful modular synth pedal Zoia & previews the upcoming sampler update.

With the Zoia Pedal, Empress Effects has released one of the most exciting but also the most successful effects pedals in recent years. Zoia is not a reverb, delay, but one that almost has everything in one device. It’s basically a self-contained modular Synthesizer in pedal form with over 80 available modules. This range from audio modules such as oscillators, loopers, granular…, interface modules (audio I/O, MIDI I/O, MIDI CC…), CV tools (ADSR, LFO, sequencer…) and of course many effects processors (delays, compressor, fuzz, reverbs, chorus, ring mod…).

What makes it so interesting is that you can connect the modules in almost any way imaginable. You are free to choose how you want to use Zoia: as a Synthesizer, classic multi-effects processor, or even as a sampler. Yes, a sampler with the re-sampling function will be added as an update soon. At NAMM 2020, Empress Effects already presented the Euroburo, the Zoia pedal as a Eurorack module. With this, it becomes a modular synth inside a modular synth. This extremely expands again the possibilities of this pedal.

Empress Effects Zoia Euroburo

Euroburo, A Modular Synth In A Modular Synth

The module differs from the pedal in some aspects. At the interface, some buttons and connection options (4CV Inputs /4 CV Outputs…) has been added that allows you to integrate perfectly the module inside your Eurorack system. So that the modular engine also works with these new addons, it has been expanded with additional modulation options. So you can now animate parameters of the synthesizers, samplers, or effects not only internally with modulators, but now also externally with CV.

The developers also transferred the very special button-based interface of the Zoia pedal to the Eurorack module. It takes some time getting used to, but after it’s intuitive and the whole thing makes sense. The module version also has an SD card reader for loading/saving patches, updating the firmware, or for importing samples in the upcoming same update. An OLD display screen is also on board which gives you an overview of all available modules and parameter information.

Euroburo is also compatible with the ever-growing patch library (1000+) on Patchstorage. Any user who still has problems building their own patches will find a lot of ideas here. Oh yes, there is no editor for the pedal/module.

Empress Effects Euroburo First Look

At Superbooth 20 Home Edition, Mitch from Empress Effects gave me a detailed overview of the powerful Zoia pedal and the Euroburo module.

Empress Effects Zoia Euroburo will be available in June for around $650€. A case for the module will be available as an addon.

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