Sinevibes Albedo, New Granular Cloud Reverb For Korg Multi-Engine Synthesizers

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Sinevibes Albedo is a lush sounding granular cloud reverb that transforms your logue SDK enabled Korg Synthesizer into a big ambient instrument.

Everyone notices: Korg has started shipping the new NTS-1 Synthesizer to customers. Like the Prologue & Minilogue XD, the NTS-1 features the well-known multi-engine in which one can exchange oscillators and effects. Sinevibes has launched a new effect processor to match the launch of the NTS-1.

Albedo is a new granular cloud reverb effect that is compatible with all Korg multi-engine synths. According to the developer is Albedo technically the very first custom reverb plugin ever released on this platform.

Sinevibes Albedo

The description alone makes you want this effect: Albedo continuously records audio into a buffer, and at the same time plays up to 16 separate grains from it – with each grain having its own randomized size and position within the buffer. Together with feedback and additional psychoacoustic stereo widening, this creates a lush “cloud of sound” reverb effect.

It is also possible to stop overwriting the buffer and thus “freeze” this cloud, allowing to overlay another sound as the granular cloud keeps playing indefinitely. So basically, you can transform your logue SDK powered Korg Synthesizer into a big soundscape and texture machine.

Sinevibes Albedo is available now for $19 USD and the plugin comes in three formats for Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1 Synthesizer.

More information here: Sinevibes

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