MOD Dwarf, Powerful & Affordable Modular Audio Processor (Synth, Multi-FX, MIDI Utilities…) Is Now On Kickstarter

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Mod Devices has started a Kickstarter campaign for the MOD Dwarf, a modular audio processor based on the previous pedals but cheaper and more compact.

Some time ago I reviewed the MOD Duo pedal from Berlin. As a reminder: it’s a modular audio processor that allows you to load plugins from Mod Devices on the device. You can also go deeper and design your own plugins with the help of Max/MSP. The pedal was fun to work with, but it was a little too expensive for me and the software wasn’t running smoothly at the time.

Now they go a different way. Less expensive but also a lot of o power. MOD Devices has today introduced a compact and affordable version of their modular effects processor called MOD Dwarf. It can house not only a wide range of effects but also virtual instruments like (VA/FM Synths, romplers…) or MIDI generators (utilities). What is cool: it’s not mainly designed for guitar or bass players but also for keyboards, synths, modular rigs, microphones and more.

Mod Dwarf

MOD Dwarf is based on a quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU running at 1.3 GHz that offers no restriction on the number of units you can use or the way you patch your signal. Three delays, four pitch-shifters, more than one reverb, five distortions in one patch, no problem. MOD Devices, the development company, has created a very intuitive way to access to the pedal with the help of an nice graphical web-based interface with which you can build complex pedalboards very easily.

A big plus for the production. According to the company, the MOD Dwarf will be made in Germany, carefully produced at the highest standards, and resistant enough to withstand thousands and thousands of gigs. At first glance, it looks like the developers have finally managed to install the huge engine in an inexpensive, portable but also powerful device.


  • Two fully independent audio channels, each with separate gain control allowing for any instrument or signal you plug in.
  • Modular patching: split, join, feedback and rearrange your signal chain freely.
  • More than four hundred free plugins available in the online Plugin Shop.
  • Standalone PX30 Quad-core 64 bit ARM CPU 1.3GHz , 8 gb storage, 1 gb RAM
  • TRS Midi Jacks and USB-MIDI expandable with any USB-Hub. Class-compliant MIDI Learn.
  • Designed for using both standalone or assisted by a computer for intensive creative patching.
  • 3 Knobs, 3 push buttons and three footswitches fully assignable to any parameter.
  • Single large LED screens for maximum visual feedback.
  • Customizable User Profile slots for several plug & play scenarios.

MOD Dwarf by MOD Devices will be released in Q4 2020 and they aim to pre-sell 1000 units in its first round of production The first 100 units are available as beta tester edition for 255€

More information here: MOD Devices

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