Interview With Korg’s Innovative Sub-Brand Nu:Tekt & NTS-1 Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

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Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 is an innovative digital Synthesizer that has an interchangeable engine but is also expandable thanks to its open-source hardware and software.

One thing is certain: Korg rocked NAMM 2020 with many new products (Wavestate, ARP 2600…). They not only enriched the show with their new releases, but also with their new sub-brand Nu:Tekt, which first appeared at Superbooth 2019. At that time I met Etienne Noreau-Hebert, the lead engineer of the multi-engine (the digital core of the Minilogue XD / Prologue), which is now also installed in the small NTS-1 Synthesizer.

In addition to the announcement of the worldwide availability of the NTS-1 Synthesizer, Korg also showed prototypes and ideas of new Nu:Tekt products on a small booth. I’m not talking about the new HA-S and OD-S here, but exciting open-source hardware projects that can be realized with the help of the NTS-1. In order to give other developers a basis, Korg has developed the NTS-1 custom panel with which you can build new hardware from it using the open-source LogueSDK.


The NTS-1 Custom Panel (white) hardware is open-source and provides hardware connections to all the internal parameters. It can be seen as a starting point. Amazing is that it offers also an Arduino shield compatible expansion connectors and ST-Morpho connectors like on the STM32 Nucleo boards. The board is also compatible with Arduino IDS which simplifies the development for custom firmware.

At the NAMM they showed the first amazing projects that emerged from this new board:

  • additional connections for the Korg Volca Modular
  • an Arduino compatible shield with 2.4 inch TFT display and a dedicated control interface for user oscillators with 6 knobs and 1 encoders
  • a stompbox/pedal based on the NTS-1 effects
  • a circular Synthesizer sequencer

I’m very excited to see the upcoming projects of Nu:Tekt but also how big the community of own creations will be. The only problem at the moment is that Korg does not comply with the delivery of the NTS-1. This problem should be solved in the coming weeks if you trust Korg’s latest information. I had the opportunity to interview Ibon von Korg at NAMM 2020.

We talked about the Nu:Tekt company, the developers and the first projects they showed. Since the show, I also have an NTS-1 to test and so far I’ve been very impressed with this mini Synthesizer. The effects, in particular, all sound fantastic. So it is no wonder that this synth has been converted into an effect pedal. Korg, this lineup is innovative. The video contains not only an interview but also numerous sound demos.

Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Synthesizer is available now for 115€.

More information here: Korg

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