KORG Nu:Tekt Digital: Small, Affordable, Digital Synthesizer With Technology Of Tomorrow

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At the Superbooth 19, KORG unveiled the Nu:Tekt DIY Synthesizer, the latest development of Etienne Noreau-Hebert, the inventor of the multi-engine. At first glance, it looks like a successor to the well-known Montron Synthesizer lineup but that’s not true. Nu:Tekt is not just a new Synthesizer but also a new sub-brand of KORG that will release in the future more DIY based products.

The Nu:Tekt Digital is the first product from this new brand and is a Synthesizer that is based on the multi-engine that can be found in the KORG prologue and minilogue xd. This means: the oscillators, as well as the effects, can be exchanged like with the big brothers. So you can, for example, insert DSP codes of Sinevibes or Mutable Instruments into a super small hardware synth. Of many users are interested in the facts and in the sounds of this little synth. More exciting is for me is that this integrated multi-engine technology is the cornerstone for many new exciting synths from KORG.

KORG Nu:Tekt digital

In a long conversation with Etienne, he told me more about how this futuristic technology works and how a developer can participate. He describes it as a very simple “VST” kind of technology for hardware synths. For me, the multi-engine is one of the most exciting Synthesizer innovations.

Not only because of the interchangeable engine but also because KORG brings the hardware world together with the plugin developers, for example, there are oscillators available from the mac plugin company Sinevibes which can be loaded in the minilogue xd /prologue poly synth. Now also in the Nu: Tekt Digital Synthesizer. This collaboration between the two synthesizer worlds is the most exciting for me and I’m very excited to see how it continues.

A complete interview and a presentation of the Nu: Tekt Digital Synthesizer is available in the video below.

KORG Nu:Tekt will be available in 2019. Price: TBA but lower than a Volca.

More information here: KORG 

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  1. For me this is the hidden Gem from the show/expo and one which I am most interested in.I only wish it was available now 🙂

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