Sinevibes Boosts The Korg Logue Family With Three New Creative FX Plugins

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Sinevibes has released three new tasty FX plugins (Blend, Dispersion & Finite) with which the Korg Logue family gets a creative effects boost. 

I think I don’t need to say that I’m a big fan of the effects of Sinevibes, whether as a plugin or as an addon for Korg logue synthesizers. The products are innovative, sound great, and very affordable.

After a break, Artemiy Pavlov, lead developer of Sinevibes is now continuing the Korg FX plugin range with three new effects in one go: Blend multi-voice chorus, Dispersion bouncing ball delay, and Finite granular pitch shifter, all are compatible with all currently available Logue synthesizers even the mini Synthesizer NTS-1.

Sinevibes Korg FX Blend Dispersion

Three very nice sound design-oriented effects for the Korg Logue series. What I particularly like about these Korg FX products is that they reinvent existing hardware for little money with a simple software upload. You can elicit new sounds from your synthesizer that were not possible before. If you get involved with the available Korg plug-ins (Sinevibes & others), the device won’t get boring, as you can constantly redesign the instrument via a software update.


Blend is comprised of three fully independent chorus layers, each modulated by its own parabolically-shaped oscillator. Due to relative modulation phase offsets between the three oscillators, this algorithm creates lush unison and ensemble effects with great density and natural smoothness. Thanks to its wide parameter range, it is also capable of producing highly dissonant sounds.

Dispersion runs up to 10 delay taps sequentially, with their times spread according to a unique non-linear formula. This produces a series of sound repetitions much like bounces of a ball that has been dropped onto a surface. Each round of bounces is calculated to fit within a particular tempo fraction, making this a rhythmically precise and musically rich effect. The algorithm comes in two versions: with natural time spread (+), as well as inverted spread (-).

Finite uses real-time buffer recording and dual variable playback heads to speed the incoming audio up or slow it down, changing its pitch. This algorithm features high-quality spline interpolation for ultra-smooth pitch adjustment within the range of two octaves. Its built-in feedback line also applies the pitch shift recursively – enabling creation of truly ethereal, spacey sounds.

Sinevibes KORG FX Blend, Dispersion, and Finite are available $19 USD each. The KORG FX bundle that includes all 14 current KORG effect plugins by Sinevibes and is available for $159 USD (40% OFF total price). Existing customers are eligible for special upgrade pricing. The plugins are compatible with the Korg prologue 8/16, minilogue xd, minilogue xd module & Nu:Tekt NTS-1

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