DoMila 2600, DIY Clone Of The 3rd Generation Of The ARP 2600 Made In Italy

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DoMila 2600 is a 1:1 analog clone of the third generation of the ARP 2600 built during two years in a large DIY project by Micro Trentin.

No ARP 2600 clones or an original is too expensive? Well in 2020, you will find more 2600 on the market than ever before. Guaranteed! Not only there will be clones made by Korg, Behringer or TTSH but also another clone from a developer from Italy. Francesco from Sounmit, an Italian Synthesizer fair contacted me to announced that one of his friends will produce a 1:1 clone of the third version of the ARP 2600.

The developer (Mirco Trentin) decided two years ago to recreate this legendary synthesizer as a big DIY project. After a lot of research for the schematics, PCBs, components… he redraws all PCB’s with a CAD (probably computer-aided design) but he kept the original size.

The final result is called DoMila 2600 and is a full-size clone of the ARP 2600 with the same graphics of the 3rd generation with the 4072 VCF filter design, MIDI implementation with duophonic CV, case copper with modern tolex and a built-in spring reverb.

Here are some first-look impressions of the inside of the DoMila 2600.

IMG_20200115_221218 IMG_20200115_221221 IMG_20200115_221227 IMG_20200115_221232

Whether this will be a finished product or a freely accessible DIY project in the future is not yet known. Unfortunately, we have received very little information from the developer. The next Soundmit will take place on 14 & 15 November in Torino.

More information here: Soundmit 

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