Can You Hear It? MOOG Model D App Vs. ARTURIA iMini Synthesizer

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One thing is clear: Moog has released not only an excellent sounding Synthesizer with the Model D app but also a bestseller. The Model D app was not the first emulation of this classic Synthesizer on iOS. Thus, ARTURIA has long been on the market with the iMini app or even Propellerhead Software with the Thor. The latter is not an exact emulation of this iconic synth but it’s inspired by its famous subtractive architecture.

Jakob Haq released in this latest episode of haQ attaQ an interesting video about all three synths. He’s curious in his newest video to see if you can hear the individual apps. For that he does an nice blind test with all three apps.

I’ve listened to the video and have to say that it’s not that easy. There are significant difference to hear of the sounds and for me it’s a matter of taste which you prefer. They sound all great but have a quite different character.  Highly recommend to check out this new video by Jakob Haq.

Available here: 


MOOG Music Model D 

Propellerhead Software Thor 


  1. I can tell you one thing I have to buy all new IPads to even purchase the Moog App. Apple forcing up to uppurchase again. I am not loving Apple like I used to.

  2. All I hear is three really nice sounding synths. Lets forego the snobbery of synthtopia and just enjoy synthesis please…

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