Kodamo EssenceFM, 300 Voice Hybrid Poly Synth Is Ready For Pre-Order

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Kodamo EssenceFM, a monster digital synth with a 6-operator FM and subtractive engine with up to 300 voice polyphony is now ready for pre-order

Already during Synth Fest 2019, I introduced you to the Kodamo EssenceFM, a new impressive hybrid FM Synthesizer with deep features. The development now seems to be in the final phase because EssenceFM can now be pre-ordered for 1290€ incl. VAT and the shipping of the first units starts in February.

As a reminder: EssenceFM is based on a 6 operator FM & subtractive synthesis engine with up 300 voice polyphony. That’s a lot. It’s not a simple engine but one that offers many possibilities to program your dream FM synth together. .

Kodamo EssenceFM

Free algorithm & envelope design via touch-screen operation: design your own algorithms by creating links between operators and draw waveforms with the touch screen or import them from wave files. EssenceFM includes 24 fully customizable waveforms are just three deep features that go behind a classical FM synth. Make complex envelopes easily by moving the points and defining their attributes (sustain, loop start, loop end…)

EssenceFM can layer up sounds made from 12, 18, 24 or more operators to fill up to 300 note polyphony. Plus, it features a resonant filter, built-in effects, and micro tuning support. This new hardware synth can be operated in 4 modes:

  • performance: ideal for orchestrations, polyphonic expression controllers (MPE) or very fat sounds.
  • patch: layer voices, split them across the keyboard, detune them and setup other behaviors like the arpeggiator
  • voice: 6-op FM sound with its envelopes, frequency parameters, filter settings and more.
  • global provides everything else: display and MIDI settings, waveform editing, scales…

Main Features

  • 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM synthesis), up to 128 of them can be split/layered per patch
  • Free algorithm design by drag&drop
  • 24 realtime-interpolated waveforms, imported from wave files or drawn via the touchscreen
  • 128 steps voice sequencer
  • 8 modulation matrix slots per voice (138 sources, 228 destinations)
  • Microtuning support
  • 8 balanced audio outputs
  • 3 seconds boot time, 2ms latency
  • Undo/Redo and Copy/Paste physical buttons for fast and convenient editing
  • Two integrated high quality effects DSP
  • Internal memory can store more than 3000 voices/patches
  • Multiple MIDI connectivity: DIN, RTP (Ethernet), USB device, USB host

Kodamo EssenceFM is available now for pre-order for 1290€ incl. VAT. The shipping of the first units start in February.

More information here: Kodamo

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