Fred’s Lab Announces Töörö, New 4 Part Hybrid Desktop Synthesizer At SynthFest 2020

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Fred’s Lab unpacks the elephant with the Töörö, a new 12bit crunchy-sounding hybrid desktop Synthesizer that combines digital morphing oscillators with analog filtering.

Fred’s Lab aka Frédéric Meslin, former developer of Waldorf (NW1 …) today presented Töörö, a new desktop Synthesizer. Töörö is not an elephant sound generator but a hybrid synth with a quite different sound engine. It offers a 6-voice engine with 4-parts that offers a mixture of analog and digital technologies.

Each voice offers 2 complex 12-bit digital oscillators (factory & user tables) with waveform morphing, 2-operator linear phase modulation, and self-sync features plus a noise source & a ring modulator. The signal from the two digital oscillators then flows into an original FL A847 optocoupler based 12dB/octave lowpass filter with auto-oscillation and saturation features.

Fred's Lab Töörö

Modulation & Effects

On the modulation side, it comes with a mod matrix with 8 slots that allows you to animate most of the synthesis parameters. Available are 2 advanced LFOs with various waveforms & their own AD envelope and 2 ADSR envelopes with hold stage & multiple triggering options. Also onboard is a DCA, a digital controlled attenuator with volume and panning control.

With a built-in 12bit digital multi-effects module (stereo ping-pong delay, chorus/flanger), you can refine the sounds on the last stage. It also includes a sync-able arpeggiator with multiple modes and patterns.

Fred's Lab Töörö

UI, Memory & Connectivity

Töörö has a matrix interface that is known from Waldorf Blofeld, for example. The desired features can be selected using the 14 tactile switches on both sides and the parameters of the respective section can be edited with 4 knobs. On the

All this built into an aluminum enclosure that offers on the connectivity side two line-level unbalanced 6.35mm jacks (mix left & right), two instrument-level 3.5mm jacks for separate voice outputs (for voice 1-4 only), DIN5 MIDI IN/OUT+ THRU configurable, USB 1.1 B for MIDI over USB and a power switch. All t

Fred’s Lab new synth can store up to 100 sound presets and 10 multi-instruments.

At first glance, a very interesting hybrid Synthesizer that offers new ideas. If it sounds like the company Buzzzy! then this can be a very own-sounding instrument.

Fred’s Lab Töörö will be available in an upcoming Kickstarter campaign for a price of 379€.

More information here: Fred’s Lab 

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