Behringer UB-Xa Synthesizer Release Is Delayed, According To Uli

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According to the latest official information from Uli Behringer, the UB-XA poly analog Synthesizer is delayed until further notice.

During the NAMM, Behringer benefited from the big media coverage and announced three new products: System 100 (Roland 100 clones), System 55 (Moog Modular) and the RD-6, an analog clone of the Roland TR-606.

In all the rain of new products, however, we are still waiting for the Behringer UB-Xa Synthesizer release. Shortly before Christmas, there was news from Uli on Gearslutz. In his message, he said that there were delays in the development. This has to do in particular because of the new MIDAS HD mixing console which had priority, in which the UB-Xa team is involved.

Behringer UB-Xa

According to Uli, the development has unfortunately not progressed in the last months and the Behringer UB-Xa will be delayed. The Synthesizer community will not be happy with this news. However, it should go on shortly and it gave the developers the opportunity to revisit its feature set.

Whether we see the UB-Xa in 2020 is in the stars. Nobody knows I don’t even believe Behringer knows it. Hopes are there for 2020 but only small ones.

Uli Behringer’s Latests Statement

Allow me to give you some feedback on the UB-Xa.

Around a year ago I announced the development of the UB-Xa synth. I also mentioned that this synthesizer would be a “side-project” since we had to attend to higher priorities, in particular the revolutionary Midas HD digital mixing console. Nearly 100 engineers worked on this project for over 5 years and nothing could be more important than launching it. The Midas HD console was recently introduced and it caused quite some stir since it’s the world’s first AI and Cloud based mixing console. The product development is now coming to an end, which will free up some of our engineers.

Unfortunately, the UB-Xa has not progressed as much as we wanted but good news is that we now have assembled a dedicated team to complete this synthesizer. In fact it’s such a priority that we assigned our best engineers from the UK, Italy and Germany to make it happen. This delay has also given us more time to revisit its feature set and we’re very excited as we’ll be including some really cool new features.

At this moment I cannot tell you when the product will be completed, but it will certainly take quite a bit more time.

I am sorry if I disappointed you, but I promise that we will do everything to deliver a spectacular UB-Xa synth.


Source: Gearslutz

More information here: Behringer

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    • It doesn’t change that it’s delayed! There are delays and Uli didn’t say an exact date when they start again working on it. So there delay. The article only says this what Uli says plus my opinion/expectations.

  1. Well the article implies this is an event which happened in January and not November (2 months ago) so maybe an edit would make it clearer to people?

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