Torso Electronics T-1, New 16-Track Polyphonic MIDI Sequencer With Ableton Link

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Torso Electronics T-1 is a new 16-track hardware polyphonic MIDI sequencer with random modulation features, menu free workflow and Ableton Link support

One of the highlights, in my opinion, is Ableton Link support that allow you to play in time with your DAW and all Link supporting applications. It’s nice to see such a modern technology in a hardware sequencer. T-1 features 16 polyphonic tracks, 16 rhythmic and melodic parameters and unique live performance tools.

Especially the random modulation features make this sequencer very powerful. The developers added here turing inspired pseudo-random modulation to every parameter that creates endless musical variations. These can be locked into loops. Additionally, the musician can make relative parameter changes to multiple tracks simultaneously, what is an amazing tool for musical progressions.

Torso Electronics T-1

No Menu, No Display

Torso Electronics has not installed a display in the T-1 sequencer here, but leave this work to the multi-colour keypads. These are used as a display showing the parameter values and the state of the unit. The unit also includes 18 endless encoders with them you can access all functionalities on the interface at all times. So, no menu diving.

On the connection side, it includes a USB 2.0 for MIDI & power, 3x MIDI on 3.5mm jack (input, output, thru) but no CV. The developers says about the T-1: we set out to design a machine that can go beyond the limitations of a traditional sequencer, while maintaining a simple and user-friendly interface with no menu diving. Focusing on fluid live performance and the possibility to modulate every parameter with random sequences.

Torso Electronics T-1


  • 16 polyphonic tracks
  • Euclidean rhythm generator
  • Per track note division
  • Note repeater
  • Melody generator
  • Timing and Dynamics grooves
  • Musical scales
  • Pseudo-random modulation
  • Temporary and global parameter changes
  • Autosave
  • 16 patterns per bank
  • 8 banks per project
  • 16 projects
  • 18 encoders & 23 RGB backlit silicone keypads
  • USB 2.0 (midi/power)
  • 3 X MIDI 3.5mm jack (in, out, thru)
  • Ableton Link (WiFi)
  • Matte black aluminum casing
  • Dimensions: L:304, W:114, H:37mm
  • Weight: 850g

Torso Electronics T-1 is coming soon. Availability & price to be announced.

More information here: Torso Electronics 

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  1. I’ve haven’t bought into the backlit rubber button instead of a screen thing, but the little video made this sequencer seem more likes performance tool. Looked like intuitive fun. I wonder how easy it will be to edit mistakes or whether this relies more on pre defined scales?

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