Midiphy LoopA Is A New Polyphonic MIDI Sequencer As A DIY Kit

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Midiphy LoopA is a new DIY poly MIDI sequencer that holds 36 MIDI clips in a matrix of 6 tracks (horizontal) and 6 scenes (vertical) with creative features

LoopA offers in a total of six polyphonic MIDI tracks with an optional dynamic quantization. It allows you to arrange your song live by switching through six scenes (36 tracks in memory) including individual mutes and unmutes.

Individual clips can be scrolled, length changed, zoomed/stretched and more. The unit offers a looper approach that gives you overdubbing without erasing existing notes. On the connection side, it offers two DIN MIDI In & three Out ports that allow direct connectivity of most classic MIDI gear. Cool is the addition of four virtual USB MIDI In/Out ports to drive VSTs/software synths. Final sessions can be stored on an SD card.

Midiphy LoopA

After about four years of development, we’re proud to announce the availability of the first LoopA essential kits and the release of the full video build tutorial! 🙂 We have added a barebones “caseless” kit to the shop, that allows to build and use the LoopA, should the first batch of cases be sold out quickly. Hallik Engineering is working on the “Pro metal cases” – they will be available in early 2020.


  • MIDIbox/FreeRTOS (real-time operating system) STM32F4 microcontroller-based application resulting in minimal MIDI jitter/latency
  • Responsive and optimized UI for an easy-to-use workflow with a fast learning curve: it is ideal for recording concepts/ideas in your studio and for live performances on stage
  • Holds 36 MIDI clips in a matrix of 6 tracks (horizontal) and 6 scenes (vertical)
  • Clips contain notes recorded with their original timing, allowing for nearly unlimited polyphony and unquantized storage of about 10 000 notes per session (polyphony is naturally limited by MIDI throughput).
  • Overdubbing (adding notes) without erasing existing notes (looper approach)
  • Dynamic re-quantization of notes at any time (including during recording) and real-time application of other LiveFX such as quantized swing and note-skip probabilities
  • Clip scrolling, clip length changes, clip zooming/stretching and note transposition at any time (including during recording)
  • Two performance modes with a dedicated knob for live transposition and “beatloop”, offering different sequence-scrambling time progressions that can completely alter a rhythm or melody line while keeping the harmony and sequence runtime identical to the unaltered version
  • Manual sequence scrubbing/time scratching with a dedicated knob
  • Dedicated scene progression knob, launching six new clips for song progression
  • Data entry with push-to-accelerate rotary encoders: pushing the VALUE knob while turning will expedite changes, useful e.g. for moving a note many steps or transposing by many semitones
  • High-speed two-key “muscle memory” menu navigation and shortcut SHIFT functions for direct clip launching/track mute/ track unmute access from any screen


  • Dedicated clip COPY/PASTE/DELETE keys
  • Three DIN MIDI OUT ports and two DIN MIDI IN ports allow direct connectivity of most classic MIDI gear
  • Four virtual USB MIDI IN/OUT ports to drive VSTs/software synthesizers and connect to your DAW
  • Graphical OLED offering instant live feedback on all operations such as transposition, note probabilities, beatloops and more
  • Integrated note editor for editing your sequences without a computer/mouse and to quickly correct recording mistakes
  • Full-sized SD card used to store sessions and for data backup
  • Light-weight design and a small case fits into any backpack and can be portably powered for hours using a standard USB powerbank
  • Very quick boot-up times and automatic last-session recall: continue with your work exactly when inspiration strikes and not after a required operating system software update 🙂

Midiphy LoopA is available soon as an essential kit for 169,98€ and with an acrylic case for 209,99€.

More information here: Midiphy 

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