Superbooth 19: dadamachines Composer Pro, Standalone MIDI Sequencer With An Open Audio Engine

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dadamachines announced at Superbooth 19 Composer Pro, a new standalone MIDI sequencer. At first glance, it looks like a clone of the Ableton Push 2, but it’s not. Composer Pro operates standalone, doesn’t need computers and offers a lot of built-in features. It offers 192 triggers, 261 buttons in total and can be played as a live instrument or as a traditional step sequencer.

It’s not just a MIDI sequencer but also a powerful instrument or effect processor. Composer Pro has a built-in Arduino-based audio engine that can read pure data or supercollider patches. So you can quickly turn this sequencer into a complete groovebox or into an experimental instrument thanks to the open engine. Below you can find all the details as well as an exclusive first look from Superbooth 19. An amazing new project in my opinion by dadamchines.

dadamachines Composer Pro

Press Release

Composer pro is the new hub for electronic musicians, a missing link for sketching ideas and playing live. It’s a standalone sampler and live instrument, and connects to everything in a studio or onstage, for clock and patterns. And it’s open source and community-powered, ensuring it’s only getting started. 

Edit patterns by step, play live on the pads and touch strip, use external controllers – it’s your choice. Sequence and clock external gear, or work with onboard instruments. Clock your whole studio or stage full of gear – and sync via wires or wirelessly.

Finally, there’s a portable device that gives you the control you need, and the big picture on your ideas, while connecting the instruments you want to play. And yes, you’re free to leave the computer at home. 


  • Use a massive, RGB, 16×12 grid of pads
  • 192 triggers – 261 buttons in total – but organized, clear, and easy
  • Step sequence or play live
  • Melodic and rhythmic/drum modes
  • MIDI looper
  • Work with quantization or unquantized
  • Play on the pads or use external controllers
  • Touch strip for expression, live sequence transformations, note repeat, and more

Stay Connected

  • MIDI input/output and sync (via USB-C with computer, USB host, and MIDI DIN)
  • Analog sync (modular, analog gear)
  • DIN sync support (for vintage instruments like the TR-808)
  • USB host – with a built-in 4-port hub
  • Ableton Link support (USB wifi dongle required for wireless use)
  • Stereo audio in
  • Stereo audio out
  • Headphone, footswitch

Onboard sounds and room to grow

  • Internal instruments and effects
  • Powered by open source sound engines, with internal Raspberry Pi computer core
  • Includes ORAC by technobear, a powerful sequenced sampler
  • Arrange productions and set lists:
  • Full automation sequencing (via MIDI CC)
  • Trigger patterns, scenes, songs
  • 16-measure sequences, 12 scenes per song
  • Unlimited song storage (restricted only by SD card capacity)

First Look

composer pro will be shown to the public the first time at superbooth in Berlin from 9-11th of may. Sales start is planned for late summer 2019.

More information here: dadamachines composer pro 

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