Behringer Shows Small Bites Of His Moog Modular Inspired Eurorack Modules

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Behringer gives us an official first look at the new analog Moog Modular replicas in Euroack format which will be available for a price of 49 € – 99 € in the future

Now it is certain. The first Behringer modules are not the teased Roland 100 clones but the Moog Modular system in Eurorack format. In the Eurorack Go case video, there was also a first look at the new modules.

It does not come first the Roland 100 clones but the Moog Modular modules in Eurorack format. In the same video as the Eurorack Go Case, there was also a first look at the new modules. They look extremely like the original products but in a shrunken version. “Darling I shrunk my modules”.

Behringer Moog Modular Filter

Behringer Modules

In the video, we can see a 923 Filters recreation/clone that is based on the Moog 923 Filters, with a separate highpass and lowpass plus white and pink noise. In the case, you can also discover the 911 Envelope Generator as well as the CP3A-M, a module that combines a multiple and mixer module.

Behringer Moog Modular

We can also see a 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter which is also a clone of the Moog 904A.

Behringer Moog Modular 904A

Eurorack Modules For Everyone?

There are currently no official prices. However, Behringer said some time ago that the modules would cost between € 49 and € 99. If that is the case here, this is probably the cheapest way into the Eurorack world. If the modules sound as good as the semi-modular synthesizers, they will also be a big success.

Something is important here: with these new modules, many musicians will discover the Eurorack world for the first time and make the community even bigger. This means more customers, even for smaller developers because you have to start somewhere and that usually happens in the affordable sector.

More information will follow soon: Behringer 

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