Jean-Michel Jarre Leaks The Korg ARP 2600 Synthesizer Recreation For 2020

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Jean-Michel Jarre, a pioneer of electronic music, leaked the KORG ARP 2600 analog Synthesizer during a Q&A with his fans. 

It is not known whether it was planned or unintentional. If Korg knew about it, it wasn’t a bad marketing idea to do it with such a famous electronic musician. Especially with one who has almost everything of vintage synthesizers in his studio and has already used in his releases.

What we now know: yes an Korg ARP 2600 will come in 2020 and yes you can trust J-M J because he has been working with Korg closely for a long time. He may even have advised Korg what the recreation should look like and is even maybe a beta tester of it.

Jean-Michel Jarre ARP 2600

Korg ARP 2600 leak

In the video, Jean-Michel Jarre says clearly: … and very good news is actually Korg is going to release a real clone of the ARP 2600 beginning of next year and the real size not like the first ARP Odyssey they did within the smaller version but the real one of the ARP 2600 and apparently they are working with the people who did the original design… and of course this will be much cheaper than the original one that you can find on eBay…  

J-M-J thinks it will be much cheaper than the vintage device. This is very possible, but you also have to know that Behringer has a 2600 in the pipeline, which will probably be even cheaper. But as seen, it is not the original size. So it is almost certain that the first new release for NAMM 2020 will be a Korg ARP 2600.

Stay tuned for me information.

More information will follow here: KORG

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  1. Behringer made a better Korg MS-20 clone than Korg did. When it comes to sound, but also when it comes to build quality and portability. I don’t know about the Oddyssey, but I wouldn’t doubt the Behringer will be good, so this announcement/leak kind of surprised me.

    I love Korg, but I also love being able to afford a synthesizer, it’s going to have to be pretty close in price if I want to pick the Korg one. Let’s hope they will be different enough for both of them to exist along side.

    • Please don’t judge build quality from the first days or weeks. At this stage, every product is good. The most important thing about the build quality is, how it works in 1,2 or 3 years. If a product is good made, it works like the first day. We don’t know how a Model D from 2018 performs in 2022, so let see 😉 The build quality from the factory is good but the definitive conclusion we can only make after several years

      • I can confirm that… I have MS-20 Mini and MS-20M.
        Love MS-20M (full and deep sounding).
        The Mini sounds different…

    • MS20 – horse crap. No need for debate on that one.

      Korg works with the ARP designers and pays for the right to use the name. The quality of what they build is in a completely different class, and they release their own work – not things they have appropriated wholesale without regard for either decency or copyright. They treat people with respect. There is no parallel in what Korg does and how it does it, on any level, with the ongoing insult to humanity that is Behringer.

      • L insulte permanente qu est behringer a l humanité? Lol idiot stupide quand roland vend des tb3 numeriques a la qualité douteuse, au prix ou elle sont vendu berhi sort une td3 analogique a la moitie du prix… pareil leur 909 et 808 boutique gadget numerique hors de prix.. enfin bref ne parler pas d humanité quand des capitalistes en remettent d autres a leurs places et pareil pour korg qui vend 150 euro une volca de merde le prix que behri vend la td3.. je veut pas dire mais c est le meme genre d entreprise a gros capitaux..

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