Tenderfoot Electronics Trigseq-1 trigger sequencer and FM-L radio tuner modules

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Tenderfoot Electronics has released two new modules: a Trigseq-1 trigger sequencer + expander and FM-L radio tuner.

Tenderfoot Electronics is a Taiwanese Eurorack company led by the British synth developer Peter Young. They have published many exciting modules at good prices in recent years.

Today, the still young company has expanded its portfolio with another 3 interesting modules.

Tenderfoot Electronics Trigseq-1 module

Tenderfoot Electronics Trigseq-1 + Expander

Let’s start with the Trigseq-1, which is a fast-to-use 16-step trigger sequencer with a performance-optimized feature set for highly interactive drum and trigger programming. The main sequencer module has 4 channels, each with 16 programmable steps via the buttons. You can then add ratchets and probability to each step to add a unique character to them. Probability is available in positive, negative, and ratcheting.

The fill functionality allows you to throw some live performance fills into the performance. I like the implementation here that you can also program these functions on the fly. There is also swing control for dropping, of course, some swing in your patterns. You can also save your patterns into 16 quick save/load slots for instant capture while still performing.

If 4 channels are not enough for you, there is a port expander available that gives you an additional 4 channels to turn the main module into an 8-channel sequencer. The good news: it is included in the Triseq-1 purchase. The expander consists of 4 buttons and outputs.

Tenderfoot Electronics FM-L

Tenderfoot Electronics FM-L

Lastly, we have the FM-L, a new 8HP FM radio tuner module for Eurorack. Chase weird sounds, frequency noise… into your modular and use it as a sound source. The module offers different ways to navigate through the FM radios, skip via frequency increments, or through the 40 non-volatile radio station save slots.

Clever, there is a built-in one-save functionality that allows you to drop your favorite station into the memory to rediscover them later. Sounds or pure noise from radio stations can be exciting for further manipulation with other modules (granular, resampling, …).


Tenderfoot Electronics Trigseq-1 is available now for $349 USD and FM-L for $299 USD.

More information here: Tenderfoot Electronics

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