UVI PX P10 Out Now, The Sound Of The Prophet 10 Synth Bundled In A New Virtual Instrument

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UVI PX P10 is a new virtual instrument for Falcon & the free workstation that offers a customizable journey through the sound of the Prophet 10

UVI has extended its sample-based prototype series of virtual instruments with another title. After PX V8 and PX Apollo comes now the PX P10, a virtual instrument that is inspired by the Sequential Circuits Prophet 10.

It features over 30.000 samples from Prophet 10 analog Synthesizer built into a custom-designed UVI engine powered synth interface.


What Is The Prophet 10

The Prophet 10 is an iconic and extremely rare dual-keybed 10-voice analog synth originally released in 1981. Essentially two Prophet-5 synthesizers, the Prophet-10 allows its dual 5-voice engines to be stacked in unison for an exceptionally rich analog sound.

The Sound Of The Prophet 10 Captured In 30,000 Samples

Before UVI could record the Prophet 10, they extensively restored and repaired it on a long journey. Then followed sound design and recordings of over  30.000 high-quality samples. Custom-designed presets are available in a wide range of flavors from inspired ‘80s classics through to modern genres. The recordings also includes the original raw waveforms.

Every base sound in PX P10 was recorded with and without the Prophet-10’s unison enabled, allowing you to instantly switch between them and create thick and dynamic analog tones that would have been impossible on the original hardware.


UVI Engine Powered Interface

Also PX P10 comes with a newly designed engine, which was specially designed for the recordings of this vintage Synthesizer. It offers a full-editable 2 layers engine each with a dedicated amplitude, ADSR, multimode filter with ADSR, unison switch, voicing, pitch, stereo controls, mod-wheel mapping, step, and LFO modulator and an arpeggiator.

To refine the sounds, it includes a 3-band EQ, drive, Thorus, ensemble, phasor, delay, and Sparkverb.

PX P10 requires UVI Falcon or the free UVI Workstation that offers native 64-bit standalone operation providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3

UVI PX P10 is available immediately at the introductory price of $49 / 49€ through November 11th, 2019 (regular $79/79€).

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