Arturia Once Again Reissues The Black Editions BeatStep, BeatStep Pro & KeyStep MIDI Controllers

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Arturia reissues the Black Editions of the Beatstep, Beatstep Pro & KeyStep MIDI controllers & sequencers with some extra free goodies

This story repeats itself again and again. Arturia has once again announced that they will reissue the Black Edition of the BeatStep, BeatStep Pro & KeyStep MIDI controllers. This happens again because the demand remains very high for these.

As in the past, the controllers are coming with extra goodies if you opt for the Black Editions like free software or cables. Here I have to ask: why does not Arturia always include the Black Editions in the program?  At the moment it reminds me more of a marketing action that returns again and again.

Arturia Black Editions

Known and loved throughout the industry, Arturia’s trio of DAW controlling, step-sequencing hybrids are now available again in a sleek black finish. Offering something for every musician, the Step range synchronizes the analog and digital worlds, letting musicians control hardware instruments, outboard modules, virtual instruments, and recording software simultaneously.

Each Black Edition model comes with a unique bundle of extras:

Arturia BeatStep BE: packing 16 pressure and velocity-sensitive pads and 16 rotary knobs into a neat package, BeatStep is an affordable way for musicians to get creative with simple monophonic step-sequences. Able to control outboard synths and virtual instruments alike, BeatStep’s versatility also makes it a great DAW controller.

BONUS: 2 CV / Gate cables, PLUS Analog Lab, SEM V, and Ableton Live Lite software worth almost $400!

Arturia BeatStep Pro BE:  cutting edge, 3-part step sequencer now has a sleek new look. Featuring two separate melodic sequencers and a dedicated 16-part drum sequencer, BeatStep Pro gives the adventurous musician a powerful palette of tools to create dynamic, exciting tracks without the need for a computer screen.

BONUS: 14 CV / Gate cables

Arturia KeyStep BE: this small format keyboard sequencer features a 32-note slim-key keybed with aftertouch, and lets you sync with & control any software or hardware instrument through its comprehensive connectivity, including USB, MIDI in & out, CV gate, and Sync in & out. Create evolving, polyphonic sequences up to 64 steps long, with real-time recording and rewriting.

BONUS: 3 CV / Gate cables

Arturia Black Edition KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro are now shipping worldwide, and will soon be arriving at retailers near you. Prices:

More information here: Arturia 

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  1. arturia needs to make beastep pro 2 with more melody sequencers. give me 4 tracks and double the patterns for the same price. how hard can that be when there are dudes doing sequencers with raspberry pi’s that do more wicked stuff :'( [i’ll look for the links, but mostly diy forums]

  2. I just painted my beatstep neon green, not buying another till they have better pads and rgb. These things are missing thier potential, they could be way more, they are nice but they could and should be better.

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