UVI JP Legacy Bundles The Sonic Charm Of The Roland Jupiter Synth Series In A New Instrument Suite

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UVI JP Legacy is a new 4-virtual instrument suite that offers deep-sampled sounds from the iconic Roland JP Synthesizer line up.

In this bundle, they are camouflaged as Saturn-4, Saturn-6, Saturn-8, and Mercury-80. But every synthesizer enthusiast will immediately notice which instruments from the past are hidden here. Of course the Jupiter-4, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-8, and MKS-80. The latter was a rack version of the iconic Jupiter-8 Synthesizer.

It is important to know that these are not emulations based on DSP but deep sample-based instruments. The developers sampled over 86.000 sounds (34.51 GB) and built them into new instruments. The result is 4 new virtual instruments based on the UVI engine within a total of 827 presets that covers a wide of JP-style sounds.

UVI JP Legacy

As always with UVI products, these VI goes behind classic romplers and offers a lot of parameters to design your own sounds including individual sound selection, filters, envelopes, two arpeggiators and more.

UVI Says

We’ve taken 4 of our favorite instruments from this lineage, serviced them and made a deep-dive into the sound design – creating a massive collection of 827 new patches putting all the analog mojo of these synths right into your DAW with the consistent quality you’ve come to expect from UVI.

All sounds in JP Legacy are fully editable and come neatly wrapped in hardware-inspired interfaces, giving you the real feel of the synths as you tweak and perform. Included presets cover the full gamut of types and styles, including plenty of bread and butter patches, vintage classics and modern staples. Quickly browse through categories, audition presets, then edit, layer and even completely transform sounds to suit your needs, all with the genuine warmth, character and grit of real analog circuits.

UVI JP Legacy is available now for $199/199€.

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