Elta Music Solar 50, New Patchable Touch Analog Synthesizer With 50 Oscillators (Teaser)

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Elta Music Solar 50 Synthesizer has 50 analog oscillators, is patchable and is designed for creating ambient drones, soundscapes, and textures.

Since July, the Russian Synthesizer manufacturer Elta Music has been teasing a new monster analog Synthesizer with 100 oscillators. Now, one seems to have decided to divide the oscillator number by two and to offer only 50 oscillators, which is still a crazy amount of sound generators.

The name of the synth is Solar 50 and is a new upcoming patchable touch analog Synthesizer with just 50 oscillators.

Elta Music Solar 50

I do not know much about the Solar 50 Synthesizer, only that it will be an absolute ambient, drone & soundscape Synthesizer machine, as you can hear in the first sound demo.

On the newest photo, you can see that the Solar 50 relies on the mini cables, which you can find in the Korg Volca Modular or Bastl Instruments Kastle. Also, it is clear that it gets touch-sensitive surfaces where one can trigger sounds with it.

Elta Music Solar 50

It looks like the Soma Labs LYRA 8 will get an interesting competitor also from Russia.

Elta Music Solar 50 details, price, and availability: TBA

More information here: Elta Music

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