The New ChillerScapes Library By Resomonics Offers You FREE Horror Atmospheres & Drones For Kontakt 5

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It’s already spooking everywhere. Stranger Things has started and Halloween will happen in a few days. To have the right sounds for this night, Resomonics released a free new sample library for the Native Instruments Kontakt 5 sampler that includes horror atmospheres and drones. All sounds are backed in a simple interface that allows you to increase and decrease the intensity and pulsing rhythms.

ChillerScapes was born out of my love for Horror, but also working on version 1.7 of my debut sample library, ‘Reflection’. I added a Soundscapes category in version 1.6 which was produced by mangling the samples in various different way, and in version 1.7 I added some more. Whilst working on that I thought it would be useful if you could have a single knob which would evolve the sound and make it more intense, but that would be too much work for Reflection, and not really in-keeping with it.

So, ‘ChillerScapes’ was born. It was a welcome distraction as well as good scripting practice, and came out just as intended! There are 13 Ambiences and 5 Drones; each has 3 layers of samples (taken from Reflection) and a few simple controls (everything is done in the background using the Reflection engine). The main control being the Intensity knob, which fades up layers 2 & 3 as it increases as well as doing other things behind the scenes to increase the chaos! The controls are explained in detail over the next few pages.

The idea with ‘ChillerScapes’, is to hit 1 or more notes and keep them held whilst increase and decreasing the intensity to evolve the sound, as well as using the the other controls to add more variation. Add some distortion to dirty it all up!


  • Custom interface
  • 13 ChillerScape Evolving Ambiences
  • 5 ChillerScape Drones
  • 3 Layers of Sound
  • Intensity Dial to increase the nightmare
  • Pulsing sounds at high intensity
  • Select the pulling speed
  • Distort to dirty it all up!
  • Scary ghost figure…..


  • For Kontakt 5.7+ (NOT compatible with Free Kontakt Player
  • Installed Size: 317MB
  • Patches: 18

ChillerScape is now available for free for Kontakt 5.7+ (Full version)

More information here: ChillerScape 

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