Modlab Live Interview & Massive Modular Synthesizer Live Setup Walkthrough

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Modlab Live is a young modular Synthesizer band from Switzerland that I recently met at the Zurich Modular Fest for an interview and walkthrough of their massive live setup.

Who says that modular Eurorack synthesizers can only make bleep and blops is wrong. This is shown by the new band Modlab Live from Zurich.

Consisting of three members (Andry, Micro & Michael) who stand for varied live electronic music but mainly oriented in the minimal style. Minimal here is not the live setup.

Something stands out of Modlab Live setup: no software like Ableton Live, everything is done in hardware. So a DAWless setup. They organized the band in three roles: Andy is responsible for drums & percussive, Micro for bass and leads and Michael for pads, FX and bleep & blops.

The last may not be missing in a modular live act, but it does not mean you can do this only with a modular synthesizer. A Eurorack system is a sound tool and it depends on the musician what he makes of it.  Talking to the guys, I noticed clearly that they like certain module manufacturers like Cwjeman,, Make Noise & more. On the sequencer side, all three are fundamentally different. One uses the Sequentix Cirklon, one the Electron Model: Samples and the third in the bunch the Arturia Beatstep Pro.

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Andy of Modlab Live setup with modules from Make Noise, Cwjeman...

If you are curious about the music of Modlab Live, just visit their Facebook page where they share current concerts and live recordings.

More information here: Artist FB page

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