Synthmaster 2.9.10 adds Apple Silicon support, workflow improvements, new presets & more

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Synthmaster 2.9.10 brings native Apple Silicon support, major workflow improvements via new popup windows, 150 presets, and more.

One topic is currently dominating the plugin world: Apple Silicon support. The beginning was a bit tough, but more and more DAWs and plugins are getting compatible with the new M1 processors from Apple.

The newest member of the M1 family is the Synthmaster 2 Synthesizer plugin in version 2.9.10. The free update also brings many new improvements and sounds. So many reasons to check out the new release.

Synthmaster 2.9.10

Synthmaster 2.9.10

Synthmaster 2.9.10 is out now. The big highlight, as already mentioned, is the native support for Apple Silicon Macs. Users of the Synthmaster 2 Player also benefit from this compatibility change. The developers did not stop there. Update 2.9.10 introduces 4 new skins to SynthMaster 2 including all iOS skins. Useful if the classic GUI is too big for you, so you can save space on the screen. Yes, and the SM2 iOS GUI turned out really nice. According to KV331 Audio, they also updated the SM2 Player skins as well so they now match with the current SM lineup.

It also brings 150 new factory presets by NatLife, Yuli Yola, and Selcuk Ergen to SynthMaster’s library, increasing the presets amount to 2000. Each layer in SM2 now has its own keyboard and velocity zones. This allows you to play different layers on different keyboard/velocity ranges. A nice addition. The new version also adds quantization to the pitches of the oscillators and modulators. With this, the pitch stays in tune within the specific scale.

Synthmaster 2.9.10

New Popup Windows

Some functions in Synthmaster 2 are a little more difficult to access and edit. It’s not a secret. The developers have tackled this and improved it significantly with new larger popup windows. These are available for the arps, sequencers, and multi-segments envelopes. Users can now press the zoom bottom in the upper corner of each section that bring up a larger edit window. Editing is easier, faster, and more visible here.

Further, the built-in sequencer also got a makeover with a new edit mode that makes editing steps easier. You can choose between four different modes:

  • Step: add rectangular steps (initial and final values are the same)
  • Up: add upward steps (initial value is always zero)
  • Down: add downward steps (final value is always zero)
  • Freehand: allows the user to draw freehand shape

Last but not least, the devs fixed a lot of bugs. Full list available in the description of the official video.

A big free update for the Synthmaster 2 Synthesizer plugin. One with lots of nice improvements and M1 support is very welcomed. Just in time for my new M1 Mac.

The new Synthmaster 2.9.10 update is available as a free download for existing Synthmater 2 customers. KV331 Audio has also announced a big expansion sale where you can grab each expansion for just $4 USD and Synthmaster Player for $9 USD.

More information here: KV331 Audio

Synthmaster Player is available at our partner

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  1. Really good to know!
    Had relatively negative experiences with SM2, in the past few years. After a few minutes with this version, on my #MBAM1, it does feel like the softsynth has improved.

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