Otem Rellik Cirrus Is A Unique Poly FM Touch Synthesizer But It Is Already Sold Out

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Otem Rellik, a brilliant Synthesizer developer, is back with Cirrus, a unique touch FM synth that is already sold out after a short time.

It makes me happy when I hear a new synthesizer has been developed. Even more, if it comes from one of these super small genius developer companies like Otem Rellik. Who is Otem Rellik? If you do not know, then have a look at his previous developments.

However, he has one problem: his instruments are almost “unique” and are extremely limited. Also, his new Synthesizer is limited to 4 units only and these are already sold out. Cirrus is a new lovely designed touch FM Synthesizer.

Otem Rellik Cirrus


Cirrus is made of wood and offers a digital FM core with 8 voices of polyphony. It includes controls for FM ratio, FM amount and a mix between FM and sawtooth. It can be played in unison including different glide modes and offers a built-in filter with a cutoff control.

On the modulation side, it comes with a looping envelope for the cutoff filter or FM amount and a pitch LFO. If you switch the pitch LFO in high-frequency mode you can dive into a sawtooth FM synthesis side that offers new timbres. At the end of the signal chain, there is a nice sounding reverb.

Cirrus has no classic keyboard but 8 capacitive touch plates for notes and modulation. Plus, it has a flexible 32 step polyphonic sequencer with parameter automation per step. Presets can be saved and recalled from 8 slots. Not bad for such a small synthesizer

For the connection to other music equipment, it comes with USB-MIDI for notes, clock, and MIDI CC control. Additional pulse in/out is onboard for syncing the sequencer with other music gear.

Otem Rellik Cirrus was available for $300 USD and was limited to 4 units only. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out.

More information here: Otem Rellik

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