Atomosynth Announced Perceptron Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer

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Atomosynth Perceptron is a new desktop semi-modular analog Synthesizer from Peru with a 16 in & 16 out patch bay built into a hands-on interface. 

There is a new synthesizer from Peru by Atomosynth. Alfredo of AS today announced Perceptron, a new semi-modular Synthesizer with a big hands-on interface and a large patch bay.

It features a single VCO with PWM & FM options, sub-oscillator, a VCF with lowpass & highpass characteristics, two envelopes (one loopable AR and one ADSR), an LFO and a built-in delay effect processor.

Atomosynth Perceptron

Big Patch Bay

Perceptron features 16 inputs and 16 outputs including FM in, PWM in, delay CVin, external in and much more. 2 additional CV outputs are freely configurable. Random voltage generator is assignable to CV out 2. On top, it has a MIDI and USB MIDI to CV/Gate interface.

The large patch bay lets you create classic warm analog but also a variety of interesting and strange sounds. It has an internal normalized patch so you can play it by USB MIDI, 5 pin MIDI or by CV/gate without any patch cable connected.


  • voltage-controlled  oscillator (VCO) with pulse and saw waveforms
  • pulse with modulation control (PWM)
  • square wave sub-oscillator
  • low-frequency oscillator (LFO) with triangle and square waveforms
  • voltage-controlled filter (VCF) with lowpass and highpass simultaneous inputs
  • voltage mixer (VC) with positive or negative offset control.
  • loopable AR-type envelope generator
  • ADSR envelope generator
  • built-in modulable delay effect
  • patch bay with 16 inputs and 16 outputs
  • MIDI and USB MIDI to CV/Gate interface with 2 CV configurable outputs
  • random voltage generator assignable to CV out 2.
  • dimensions: 322m (W), 214mm (H), 76mm (D)

Atomosynth Perceptron is available soon for a price of $399 USD with free worldwide shipping by EMS. To pre-order please write to Alfredo of Atomosynth with your PayPal mail, you will be noticed when it is ready to ship.

More information here: Atomosynth 

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  1. “There is a new synthesizer from Peru by Atmosynth”
    Some people like to spell the company’s name with only one ‘o’, but the name on the synth itself (and in the headline) is “Atomosynth”.

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