Arché Is A New Physical Modelling String Synthesizer Plugin Suite By Expressive E!

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For NAMM 2019, Expressive, the developers of the Touché MIDI controller has no new hardware news but in the software area. They launched Arché, a new string Synthesizer plugin suite that features three different instrument (Violin, Viola & Cello) based on high-quality physical modelling technology. They are designed to perfectly fit with the Touché and Touché SE but they can be also be used with any other MIDI controller.

A very interesting new collection in my opinion because  they don’t have the limitation of sampling technology. They benefit from a deeper play spectrum thanks to the physical modelling engine than sample libraries for Kontakt per example.

Expressive E Arché


We are very excited to introduce Arché Collection, a new plug-in suite containing three highly realistic physical models of ViolinViola and Cello.. Arché is designed to perfectly pair with Touché and Touché SE and any other MIDI controller. Arché simulates the physics of a real bow striking real strings in painstaking  detail, leading to a level of realism that has never been heard before in simulated string instruments, played with a keyboard interface.

Combining Expressive E’s unique algorithms with the patented Touché controller gives keyboardists an extraordinary opportunity to harness the evocative and powerful sound of the greatest solo string instruments in a way that sounds accurately articulated  and is natural and immediate to play, either in the studio or on stage. Arché is a plug-in suite by Expressive E, containing three exquisitely crafted physical models of a violin, a viola and a cello.

Arché Violin is a Synthesizer designed for real-time expression. Our physical modeling engine recreates the sound of the greatest soloists, capturing all the agility and brilliance of the violin.

Arché Viola is a Synthesizer designed for real-time expression. Our physical modeling engine recreates the beautiful tone and dynamics of this unique instrument.

Arché Cello is a Synthesizer designed for real-time expression. Our physical modeling engine recreates the profound and sonorous tone of the cello, and places it right in the palm of your hand.

These three new software instruments are available for purchase exclusively on Expressive E’s website. The complete Arché Collection retails for 120€/$, with individual instruments available for 49€/$ each.  Special introductory pricing available until 15th of February 2019:

  • Arché Collection: 99€/$
  • Violin/Viola/Cello: 39€/$ each

More information here: Expressive E

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